1st Caribbean Youth Forum on School Safety: "My Island, My Life"

When :

from Thursday 25 April, 2019
to Saturday 27 April, 2019

Type of event :

Category 8-Symposium

Where :

Haddon Hotel, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Contact :

Jair Torres / +33 (0)1 45 68 07 49 / j.torres@unesco.org

It will be an opportunity for young people to share their perspectives and engage on the Caribbean Schools Safety Initiative from the disaster risk reduction and climate change perspective. The results of this Forum will be presented to all Ministers of Education and decision makers during the Second Ministerial Forum on School Safety in the Caribbean that will be held in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from 29 to 30 April 2019.

The 2019 Youth Forum “My Island, My Life” aims to provide a regional Caribbean platform for youth representatives from the Caribbean to build their leadership skills and strengthen their capacity to contribute to the Caribbean Schools Safety Initiative now and in the future. Specifically, it aims to:

- Engage youth in discussing the Caribbean Schools Safety Initiative.

- Explore mechanisms for youth engagement on policy development and implementation on school safety issues.

- Identify pathways and means to support youth to surmount challenges they face when a disaster occurs and meaningfully contribute to the implementation of the Regional Road Map on School Safety and resilience at national and local level.

- Share knowledge on school safety and the regional initiatives as well as foster personal, professional and cross-cultural networking among youth within the Caribbean around school safety issues.
Provide a space for youth representatives to voice their unique view on the Caribbean Schools Safety Initiative.

- Provide an avenue for identifying and addressing emerging issues related to school safety (such as climate change impacts, etc.).