10th Global Summit of National Ethics and Bioethics Committees

When :

from Sunday 22 June, 2014
to Tuesday 24 June, 2014

Type of event :

Category 4- International Congress

Where :

Mexico City, Mexico

Contact :

Dafna Feinholz, d.feinholz@unesco.org

The Global Summit is a biennial forum for members of national ethics and bioethics committees from all parts of the world. Participants will exchange opinions, information and experiences on leading issues in ethics and bioethics in health that demand analysis at the local, regional and global levels. It will be held from 22 to 24 June 2014, in Mexico City, Mexico.

Thanks to its audience, the issues analyzed, and the results obtained, the Global Summit is considered by governments, members of the Committees and organizers, including UNESCO, as a privileged opportunity for shared reflection and networking. UNESCO – co-organizer with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Mexican National Bioethics Commission, among others – is part of the Steering Committee of the Summit.

The UNESCO Secretariat will help inform the event by surveying National Bioethics Committees, and will contribute analysis of the survey responses. And concerns of National Ethics and Bioethics Committees can also inform the work of UNESCO’s Bioethics Programme. All National Bioethics Committees are encouraged to attend.