10 teachers, 10 countries, 10 weeks, 10 stories: #TeacherTuesday

When :

from Tuesday 25 February, 2014
to Wednesday 30 April, 2014

Type of event :

Специальное мероприятие

Where :


Over 10 Tuesdays from the 25th February, 10 teachers, from 10 countries around the world will share their stories, motivations and challenges in their work as part of a new social media campaign, #TeacherTuesday. The project will tell the stories of teachers who have taught through fighting in Syria, grappled with multilingual classrooms in Honduras, fought to overcome gender barriers in Afghanistan and taught in the largest urban slum in Africa, as well as many more.
Influential bloggers selected from across the globe will help bring these teachers’ daily work to life, and help ensure a deeper look is taken by policy makers and education workers at the support they need to help improve learning outcomes around the world.