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Europe and North America consultation

On 24 October 2018 the consultation will bring insight from the Europe and North American regions on progress towards the implementation of key SDG4-Education 2030 commitments

In line with regional education policy priorities, and building on existing regional coordination and mechanisms, the consultation will review national and regional strategies that aim to:

  • Further inclusion and equity in education with a particular focus on ensuring the right to education for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in a lifelong learning perspective.
  • Enhance the relevance of education and learning at all levels for democratic citizenship and inclusive social development in line with the SDG4 focus on education for global citizenship and sustainable development.
  • Improve the effectiveness and equity of both domestic financing and international aid with a focus on communities and countries most in need.
  • Strengthen the monitoring of equity and quality in education and the interlinkages between national, regional and global monitoring of education goals, targets and commitments.

The outcome of this consultation will nourish discussions at the Global Education Meeting, 3-5 December 2018 in Brussels. It is part of a series of regional consultations which include, the Pan-African High-Level Conference on Education (Nairobi, 25-27 April 2018), the Asia-Pacific Education 2030 Consultation (Bangkok, 12-14 July 2018), the Latin American and Caribbean Ministerial Conference (Bolivia, 25-26 July 2018), and an Arab Education 2030 consultation planned for November 2018.