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2011-2012 Activity & Sustainability Report SIP. ( 2012)

A Study on Impact of Disasters on the Education Sector in Cambodia. Asian Disaster Prepardeness Center (ADPC) ( 2012)

APELL for Schools and Educational Buildings: A Community-based Approach for School Safety and Education for Disaster Reduction. UNESCO ( 2012)

Adaptation to Climate Extremes in Developing Countries: The Role of Education. The World Bank ( 2012)

Address by Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of the International Seminar on Climate Change Education (27 July 2009). UNESCO ( 2012)

Al Gore on TED. TED ( 2012)

Alerta CO2. Accionatura ( 2012)

Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) Assembly Trailer. ACE ( 2012)

American Teens’ Knowledge of Climate Change. Yale Project on Climate Change Communication ( 2012)

Arctic Animals and a Changing Climate. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) ( 2012)

Arctic Story Puzzles. American Museum of Natural History ( 2012)

Are the World's Weather and Climate Changing? Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) ( 2012)

BBC Climate Change. BBC ( 2012)

Better Growth Better Climate- The New Climate Economy Report. ( 2012)

Cambio Climático. Ministerio de Medio Ambiente de España ( 2012)

Cambio Climático en España: un Desafío para Todos. National Geographic ( 2012)

Cambio Climático: Lo que Debemos Saber para Ayudar Nuestro Planeta: Manual Escolar sobre el Cambio Climático. Secretaría de Estado en los Despachos de Recursos Naturales y Am ( 2012)

Can Science Win Over Climate Change Sceptics? ActionBioscience ( 2012)

Carbon Control. Science UPD8 ( 2012)

Child Rights and Climate Change Adaptation: Voices from Kenya and Cambodia. Children in a Changing Climate (CCC) ( 2012)

Child Rights and Climate Change: Your World,Your Voice, Your Future! ( 2012)

Children Communicating Climate and Disaster Risks. Children in a Changing Climate (CCC) ( 2012)

Children and Climate Change. Save the Children ( 2012)

Children and Disaster Risk Reduction: Taking Stock and Moving Forward. Children in a Changing Climate (CCC) ( 2012)

Children as Agents of Change for Disaster Risk Reduction: Lessons from El Salvador and the Philippines. Children in a Changing Climate (CCC) ( 2012)

Children in a Changing Climate Video Collection. Children in a Changing Climate ( 2012)

Children on the Frontline: Children and Young People in Disaster Risk Reduction. Plan/World Vision ( 2012)

Children's Right to Be Heard in Global Climate Change Negotiations. Plan ( 2012)

Cities and Biodiversity Outlook; Action and Policy. ( 2012)

Clean Air Kids. Kids 4 Clean Air ( 2012)

Climat: Une Enquête aux Pôles. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) ( 2012)

Climate Challenge. BBC ( 2012)

Climate Change. Friends of the Earth ( 2012)

Climate Change. Magnum Photos ( 2012)

Climate Change - Basic Information. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ( 2012)

Climate Change Connections and Solutions. Facing the Future ( 2012)

Climate Change Connections and Solutions. Facing the Future ( 2012)

Climate Change Countdown. Christian Aid ( 2012)

Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States: Report and Recommendations. UNESCO ( 2012)

Climate Change Fact Sheet. Earth Day Network ( 2012)

Climate Change Kids Site. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ( 2012)

Climate Change Learning Resources: Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation. Earthwatch Institute (Europe) ( 2012)

Climate Change Starter’s Guidebook: An issue’s guide for Education Planners and Practitioners. UNESCO/UNEP ( 2012)

Climate Change and Children. UNICEF ( 2012)

Climate Change and Community-based REDD+ Education manual. ( 2012)

Climate Change and Environmental Education. Climate and Capitalism ( 2012)

Climate Change and Health. WHO ( 2012)

Climate Change and Sustainable Development: The Response from Education Cross-National Report. International Alliance of Leading Educational Institutes (IALEI) ( 2012)

Climate Change and Urban Children: Impacts and Implications for Adaptation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) ( 2012)

Climate Change in Kenya: Focus on Children. UNICEF ( 2012)

Climate Change in our World. Met Office Hadley Centre and British Antarctic Survey and UK Government ( 2012)

Climate Change: Pictures of a Warming World. National Geographic ( 2012)

Climate Change: Take Action Now. UNICEF and the Alliance of Youth CEOs ( 2012)

Climate Change: The Facts. Act on CO2 ( 2012)

Climate Change: What Will You Do? Science UPD8 ( 2012)

Climate Change: the Threat to Life and a New Energy Future. American Museum of Natural History ( 2012)

Climate Chaos. Oxfam ( 2012)

Climate Classroom: What's up with Global Warming. National Wildlife Federation ( 2012)

Climate Connections: A Global Journey. National Public Radio ( 2012)

Climate Conundrum. Public Broadcasting Service ( 2012)

Climate Future: Voices of Science. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) ( 2012)

Climate Futures Introductory Task. Science UPD8 ( 2012)

Climate Kids: Nasa's Eyes on the Earth. NASA ( 2012)

Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Sciences. US Climate Change Science Program ( 2012)

Climate and CO2: Analyzing their Relationship. National Geographic ( 2012)

Climate change: How do we know? NASA ( 2012)

Climate4Classrooms Learning Modules. Climate4Classrooms ( 2012)

Climate: The Changes & Impacts of Global Warming. WWF ( 2012)

Climax Expo Simulation Changement Climatique. Climax Expo Simulation Changement Climatique ( 2012)

Closing the Gaps: Disaster Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries. Commission on Climate Change and Development ( 2012)

Combating Climate Change Through Quality Education. The Brookings Institution ( 2012)

Communicating and Learning About Global Climate Change. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) ( 2012)

Comparing Light Bulbs. Source:Energy Star/US Environmental Protection Agency ( 2012)

Comprehensive School Safety; Working towards a global framework for climate-smart disaster risk reduction, bridging development and humanitarian action in the education sector. ( 2012)

Comprendre le Réchauffement Climatique. Toute l’Europe ( 2012)

Consenso Científico sobre el Cambio Climático. Green Facts ( 2012)

Cool it! The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea ( 2012)

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference 2009: We Look at the Problems our Changing Planet is Facing. The Telegraph ( 2012)

Development of Education on Environmental and Climate Change Impacts in Romania. Elsevier ( 2012)

Disaster Reduction and Human Security: Education for Sustainable Development; Case Studies and Best Practices. UNESCO ( 2012)

Disaster Resistant Schools. UNISDR ( 2012)

Disaster Risk Reduction through Schools: A Groundbreaking Project. ActionAid International ( 2012)

Discovery Channel Global Warming and Climate Change Video Collection. Discovery Channel ( 2012)

Do Earth and Environmental Science Textbooks Promote Middle and High school Students’ Conceptual Development about Climate Change? Textbooks’ consideration of students’ misconceptions. American Meteorological Society ( 2012)

Do today's 15-year-olds feel environmentally responsible? ( 2012)

Dr. Carol Chang on Climate Change Education. Fora TV ( 2012)

EcoKids. Earth Day Canada ( 2012)

Ecovillage Design Education. ( 2012)

Education - under the weather. Impacts of climate change on education. ( 2012)

Education Developpement Durable. Education Developpement Durable ( 2012)

Education Response to Climate Change and Quality: Two Parts of the Same Agenda? International Journal of Educational Development ( 2012)

Education au Developpement Durable et Changements Climatiques. Association Monde Pluriel ( 2012)

Education for Climate Neutrality and Sustainability: Guidance for ACUPCC Institutions. American College & University President's Climate Commitment ( 2012)

Education for Global Citizenship. ( 2012)

Education for Sustainable Development Country Status Reports; An evaluation of national implementation during the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) in East and Southeast Asia. ( 2012)

Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Policy Dialogue 4. UNESCO ( 2012)

Education for Sustainable Development in Canadian Faculties of Education. ( 2012)

Education for Sustainable Development in light of Rio+20: Challenges and Opportunities arising from the Reform of the B.Ed. Degree Programme in Ireland. Anne M. Dolan ( 2012)

El Clima Cambia, Yo Tambien. Consejo Nacional del Ambiente (Peru) ( 2012)

Energy Quest. California Energy Commission ( 2012)

Estrategia Nacional de Educación, Formación y Sensibilización de Públicos Sobre Cambio Climático. Ministerio de Ambiente and Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial (Colombia) ( 2012)

Estrategia Nacional para Fortalecer los Recursos Humanos y las Habilidades para Avanzar hacia un Desarrollo Verde, con Bajas Emisisones y Resilencia Climática. ( 2012)

Experimentation with a Socioconstructivist Process for Climate Change Education. University of Moncton ( 2012)

Exploring Polar Oceanography: Ocean Currents and Climate Connections. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) ( 2012)

Face the Music. Oxfam ( 2012)

Fact Sheet: Climate Change Science. UNFCCC ( 2012)

Findings of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change Science. Union of Concerned Scientists ( 2012)

Forum Education Minister's Meeting - Pacific Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Education Framework. ( 2012)

Fostering Safer and Resilient Communities: A Natural Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change Education Program. UNESCO ( 2012)

Frenar el Cambio Climático: Un Reto de Todos. Gobierno de Aragon and España ( 2012)

Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Curriculum. Gaia Education ( 2012)

Gender Equality, Climate Change and Education for Sustainability. Equals (Oxfam/IOE) ( 2012)

Getting to the Core of Climate Change: How can we use ice core data from the polar regions to investigate changes in Earth's climate past, present, and future? T.E.A. Classroom Activities ( 2012)

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts toolkit: Climate Change education. Inter-agency Network for Eucation in Emergency ( 2012)

Global Change: From Research to the Classroom. Source CarboSchools ( 2012)

Global Climate Change: New Challenges for Education and Training around the World (from The Educator: Environmental Education Newsletter). UNEP ( 2012)

Global Systems Science: Climate Change Teacher's Guide. Lawrence Hall of Science ( 2012)

Global Warming. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) ( 2012)

Global Warming. National Geographic ( 2012)

Global Warming FAQ/How do we Know Global Warming is Human Caused? Union of Concerned Scientists ( 2012)

Global Warming Unit. Learning Exchange for Teachers and Students through the Internet ( 2012)

Global Warming: Do the Facts Stand Up? Science UPD8 ( 2012)

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs. Union of Concerned Scientists ( 2012)

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs. Union of Concerned Scientists ( 2012)

Global Warming: Frequently Asked Questions. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) ( 2012)

Global Warming: It's all about Carbon. National Public Radio ( 2012)

Global Warming: What You Need to Know. Discovery Channel ( 2012)

Green Day: A Climate Change Activity Kit for Schools. Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) ( 2012)

Greenhouse Effect in a Jar. Ministry of the Environment (New Zealand) ( 2012)

Growing Together in a Changing Climate: The United Nations, Young People and Climate Change. UN Joint Framework Initiative on Children ( 2012)

Guide for Sustainable Schools in Manitoba. Natalie Swayze and Carolee Buckler and and Anne MacDiarmid ( 2012)

Hot Topic-Cold Comfort. Climate Change and Attitude Change. Gudmund Hernes ( 2012)

How to realise a sustainable development analysis? Chair on Eco-advising evaluation grid: User's guide. Claude Villeneuve and Olivier Riffon ( 2012)

Images of Climate Change from Around the World. Photographer: Michael Hall ( 2012)

In Pictures: How the World is Changing. BBC ( 2012)

In the Face of Danger: Children and Climate Change. Save the Children ( 2012)

Kid's Crossing - The Warming Greenhouse. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) ( 2012)

Knowledge, Capacity Building, and Networks for Sustainable Development: A Review. Alan AtKisson ( 2012)

La Climat, Ma Planète, et Moi. La Climat and Ma Planète and et Moi ( 2012)

La Educación para los Desastres. Revista Iberoamericana de Educación ( 2012)

Le Réchauffement Climatique - Niveau B1/B2. Le Plaisir d'Apprendre ( 2012)

Learning Settings to Face Climate Change. Journal of Cleaner Production ( 2012)

Learning to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change: UNESCO and Climate Change Education. UNESCO ( 2012)

Legacy of Disasters: The Impact of Climate Change on Children. Save the Children ( 2012)

Let our Children Teach us! A Review of the Role of Education and Knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction. UNISDR/ActionAid ( 2012)

Let's Be Prepared. UNISDR ( 2012)

Living with Climate Change. European Commission ( 2012)

Logicity. Tomorrow's Climate and Today's Challenge ( 2012)

Mainstreaming Climate Change into Agricultural Education: Challenges and Perspectives. World Agroforestry Centre ( 2012)

Make the Link, Be the Change. Plan ( 2012)

Media as Partners in Education for Sustainable Development: A Training and Resource Kit. UNESCO ( 2012)

Meltdown: A Global Warming Travelogue. CNN ( 2012)

Mitos y Hechos acerca del Calentamiento Global. Audubon Society ( 2012)

My name is Professor Sneeze. Contes Pedagogiques ( 2012)

NATIONAL CASE STUDY Teacher Professional Development with an Education for Sustainable Development Focus in South Africa: Development of a Network, Curriculum Framework and Resources for Teacher Education. ( 2012)

National Geographic Global Warming Video Collection. National Geographic ( 2012)

Natural Disaster Preparedness and Education for Sustainable Development. UNESCO ( 2012)

New Approaches to New Futures: Collected Papers from the 2011 ESD Colloquium Series. Korean National Commission for UNESCO ( 2012)

Nos salvará Kioto? Oxfam ( 2012)

One Planet Future. WWF ( 2012)

One by One, Ton by Ton, Let’s Stop Global Warming. Hippo Works ( 2012)

Operation Climate Control. Red Redemption Ltd. ( 2012)

Our Climate is Changing. eSchooltoday ( 2012)

Our Climate, Our Children, Our Responsibility: The Implications of Climate Change for the World's Children. UNICEF ( 2012)

Our Little World. The Climate Movie. University of Applied Sciences Augsburg; Janine Ilg and Johannes Berner and Josef Buchner and Tom Kohlbauer ( 2012)

Overcoming Behavioral and Institutional Inertia (Chapter 8 of 2010 World Development Report). The World Bank ( 2012)

Overview of Educator Guidelines for K-12 Global Climate Change Education. National Wildlife Federation ( 2012)

PBS/NOW Global Warming Video Collection. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) ( 2012)

Para Comprender el Cambio Climático: Guía Elemental de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas y el Protocolo de Kyoto. UNEP ( 2012)

Participation and Protection: Children’s Involvement in Climate Change Debates. Institute of Development Studies (IDS) ( 2012)

Participatory Learning in Practice: Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change. International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) ( 2012)

Participatory Learning in Practice: Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change. International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) ( 2012)

Penguins: Sensitive Indicators. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) ( 2012)

People’s Ideas about Climate Change: A Source of Inspiration for the Creation of Educational Programs. University of Moncton ( 2012)

Philippines: Learning to be Prepared. ( 2012)

Photo Gallery: Arctic Climate Change. National Geographic ( 2012)

Plan National De Developpement 2012-2015 Tome IV: Matrices D'Actions Priorities - Côte d'Ivoire. ( 2012)

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? School Students’ Ideas about the “Greenhouse Effect” a Decade On. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education ( 2012)

Positive Action towards Biodiversity Conservation. ( 2012)

PowerDown. Actionaid ( 2012)

Prehistoric Climate Change and Why it Matters Today. Smithsonian Education ( 2012)

Quel Climat pour Demain? Climat Demain ( 2012)

Qué es el Cambio Climático?/Adaptación al Cambio Climático. Programa Conjunto de Integracion de Ecosistemas y Adaptacion al ( 2012)

Raising Awareness Together: How can the EU Engage with Civil Society to Promote Sustainable Lifestyles? Ekaterina Vladimirova ( 2012)

Realizing the Future we Want for All. ( 2012)

Recueil des acteurs de l'Éducation au Développement Durable au Luxembourg. ( 2012)

Renewables Are Ready. Union of Concerned Scientists ( 2012)

Reports from the Front Line of Global Warming (UK Only). BBC ( 2012)

Responding to Climate Change Starts with Education: Address by Irinia Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of the Seminar on Climate Change and Education at the UN University. UNESCO ( 2012)

Rethinking Climate Change Education. Green Teacher ( 2012)

Rights, Needs and Capacities of Children of Children in a Changing Climate. Children in a Changing Climate (CCC) ( 2012)

Rio + 20 Policy Brief: Interconected risks and solutions for a planet under pressure. ( 2012)

Sandwatch: Adapting to Climate Change and Educating for Sustainable Development. UNESCO ( 2012)

Scientific Literacy and Natural Disaster Preparedness. UNESCO ( 2012)

Secondary School Students’ Perceptions towards Global Warming: A Phenomenographic Analysis. Academic Journals.org ( 2012)

Simon Says Stop Global Warming. Hippo Works ( 2012)

Sphère Développement Durable. Sphère Développement Durable ( 2012)

Stop Disasters! UN/ISDR ( 2012)

Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the Aichi Targets. ( 2012)

Strategic Recommendations 2nd European Congress on Global Education -Education, Interdependence and Solidarity in a Changing World. ( 2012)

Student Conceptions about Global Warming and Climate Change. Purdue University ( 2012)

Symposium on Climate Change Education and Sustainable Cities, 31 August 2009, United Nations Office at Nairobi, Kenya. UNESCO ( 2012)

Tackling Climate Change: Guidance for Secondary Schools. Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes ( 2012)

Tales of Hope III EFA-ESD Linkages and Synergies. ( 2012)

Teaching Urban High School Students Global Climate Change Information and Graph Interpretation Skills Using Evidence from the Scientific Literature. Journal of Geoscience Education ( 2012)

Teaching about Climate Change: Cool Schools Tackle Global Warming. Green Teacher ( 2012)

The ABC Education Book on Climate Change. ( 2012)

The Causes of Global Climate Change. Pew Center on Global Climate Change ( 2012)

The Cost of Climate Change. Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) ( 2012)

The Economics of Population Policy for Carbon Emissions Reduction in Developing Countries. Center for Global Development ( 2012)

The Heat Is On: A Unit Concerning Global Warming. Learning to Give ( 2012)

The Lunchbox Reay-to-eat sustainable development bites made by the "I have a mango" team. ( 2012)

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication. Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (Colombia Univers ( 2012)

The UNESCO Climate Change Initiative. UNESCO ( 2012)

The UNESCO Climate Change Initiative: Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development. UNESCO ( 2012)

The UNESCO Strategy for Action on Climate Change. UNESCO ( 2012)

The Value of Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies in the African Sahel. Springer Science+Business Media ( 2012)

The World We Want: Dialogues on the implementation of the post-2015 development agenda. ( 2012)

The possible effects of climate change in The Bahamas. The Public Education and Outreach subcommittee of the National C ( 2012)

Thinking Through Climate Change. WMnet ( 2012)

Tore and the Town on Thin Ice. UNEP ( 2012)

Towards a Culture of Prevention: Disaster Risk Reduction Begins at School. UNISDR/UNESCO ( 2012)

Tread Lightly. TakingITGlobal ( 2012)

Tread Lightly Teacher Toolkit. Tread Lightly ( 2012)

Truth and Consequences: Teaching Global Warming Doesn't Have to Spell 'Doom'. Edutopia ( 2012)

UK Schools Carbon Footprint Scoping Study. Global Action Plan ( 2012)

UNESCO Associated Schools News Infos: Climate Change Education. UNESCO ( 2012)

UNESCO International Seminar on Climate Change Education. UNESCO ( 2012)

Unfolding the Power of ESD- Lessons learned and ways forward. ( 2012)

Vamos Cuidar do Brasil: Conceitos e Práticas em Educação Ambiental na Escola. UNESCO ( 2012)

Who Will Take the Heat? Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) ( 2012)

Wild Chronicles. National Public Radio ( 2012)

Workshop 2: Strengthening the Educational Response to Climate Change Internationally (UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Bonn, Germany). UNESCO ( 2012)

Young Voices on Climate Change. Young Voices on Climate Change ( 2012)

Your Climate Your Life. Royal Geographical Society ( 2012)

Your Climate, Your Future. WWF ( 2012)

Youth and Climate Change: A Generational Challenge. UNESCO ( 2012)

YouthXchange Guidebook Series: Climate Change and Lifestyles. UNESCO ( 2012)

YouthXchange guidebook series: climate change and lifestyles. UNESCO/UNEP ( 2012)

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