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Viability of Young Generation in Information Age

The workshop is designed around the requires of  the notice of prevention of minors' addiction to Internet  issued by the ministry of education of China, in order to instruct and guide primary and middle school students to get online in a green and civilized way, and promotes the physical and mental health of teenagers. The workshop will take local cases to instruct and explain. There are four parts for this workshop as follows:

1. Principles for Youth online self-presentation  safely, to explain teenagers' self-image management on the Internet by cases, carry out safety education, help minors to properly examine their personal image, and conduct online self-image display safely;

2. The empathy of network moral behavior,this part discusses the immoral behaviors in the network by explaining the cases, guides the teenagers to think in an alternate way, and fully realizes the harm of bad network behaviors to themselves and others, so as to improve the awareness of regulating their own network behaviors;

3. To improve media literacy , staying away from the Internet, through case analysis, the young people are guided to understand the sources and communication channels of false information in the network, so as to improve their critical thinking ability to judge the true and false information in the network;

4. Video games = electronic drugs?To explain the nature of the game and the distinguishing standards of good games and bad games from the perspective of game design, and guide the teenagers to correctly choose games and make better use of games for learning and living.

27 October 2018
Xin Jiangwan Community School
Guoxiu Road 700
Shanghai Shi 200438
Latitude: 31.318193600000
Longitude: 121.522201300000