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Training of Trainers - Media and Information Literacy

ERYICA will organise a 2-day training for French-speaking members of the network. The training will include a 2-hour session on the tool 'Le vrai du faux', an educational resource which looks at increasing young people's media and information literacy skills. The tool is made up of texts, images, videos and links to websites, where the truth is constantly put into question as it is mixed with disinformation - the challenge is to learn to identify the truth from the false.  
UNESCO will also attend the event as guest speakers, and participants will have the opportunity to exchange good practices in this area. 
The second day involves a training led by Media Animation, looking in particular at conspiracy theories.

04 October 2018 to 05 October 2018
Centre d'information et de documentation jeunesse (CIDJ)
101 Quai Branly
75015 Paris
Latitude: 48.854770900000
Longitude: 2.289524500000