Building peace in the minds of men and women

Santa Rita Auditorium, Luis Amigó Catholic University

Alfamed Network and the entire Colombian and international scientific and academic community interested in the Conference theme.

In globalized and hyper-communicated citizen contexts, it is necessary for society to consider the intersection between the fields of communication, education and media as inherent to its nature; hence the need to recognize that in order to interact with this technological ecosystem, it is necessary to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes so that, from the critical uses and appropriations of media technology, one can be a protagonist, as a citizen in democracy, politics, law, society, economics, ecology and interculturalism.

Based on this precedent, this third International Congress is an ideal scenario to continue strengthening the international exchange of research and practical experiences, not only in media skills, but also in relation to the field of knowledge from which they derive: communication-education.

Also, at this event, we highlight the opportunities made possible by networking:

The creation of collaborative, trans-disciplinary and transnational knowledge, have become fundamental pillars of the new geography of science.

Highlighting the possibility to enable knowledge exchange that strengthens human capital, technological capital, organizational capital, and relational capital of network members and all Congress participants.

Moreover, the international visibility of Alfamed Network's collaborative projects and of the organizations, universities, countries and cities of origin of the members of this working group.

10 October 2018 to 12 October 2018
Santa Rita Auditorium, Luis Amigó Catholic University
Bloque 7. Av Suba
Medellín ANT