The Nigeria of my dream

The project
Yes it complies in creative ways to the theme of the contest, through a pencil work I have captured and project a peaceful and represented a country that is culturally diverse binded by a common heritage, shared values, interdependency, respect and tolerance of the other ethnic group which are among other virtues like equality, patriotism, perservance, transparency, love, cooperation, assertiveness, reconciliation, mutual understanding, ethics in dealing etc. which are prerequisite for Peace and Non-Violence in a society. 
Furthermore, I have also by creative means illustrated that Peace initiative is a global agenda so my drawing encapsulate the globe and a challenge to global leader to stand up for peace and non-violence and it is a collective effort by all not just a body or government but that everyone is called to the noble act of peace making.
Graphic Arts (Traditional Art)
The work is a pencil drawing on a culture of peaceful and harmonious co-existence of the over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria represented by the three major ethnic groups of Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba uniting together as a people of common heritage and destiny preaching peace with a trumpet which is an indigenous way of transmitting message being heralded by a youth and supported by adult men and women to show that Nigeria is a country is united through cultural pluralism regardless of socio-political, ethnic, religious and geographical barrier coming together under the umbrella of peaceful co-existence with a strong willpower, joy, love and sensitivity and embedded in a spherical curve to show that Nigeria among other nations advocates global peace. 
Color Sensitivity as used in the Work
Red – as used in the drawing represents the willpower of the people to live peacefully every day.
Joy is depicted on the face of the woman and 
The red used in the work generally denotes passion, stability and sensitivity of the people of Nigerians for positive change.
Orange - I try to show that young people are determined, passionate and enthusiastic about the need for peace. It also reviews that when there is peace; Joy, Endurance and Happiness will flourish.
Blue – It shows that peace can only be achieved when there is trust, faith, truth, sincerity and understanding among peoples.
White – It is a sign of goodness, successful beginning and strong faith which are required for harmonious co-existence of people.
Green and Black – The green depict growth and sustainable development that comes when people co-exist. It also represents harmony, freshness and fertility.
The Olive Green represent the traditional color of peace.
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