UNESCO | Sabrina Ho "You Are Next"

The UNESCO|Sabrina Ho initiative “You Are Next” is designed to address gender equality within the digital creative industries in developing countries.

It supports project that strengthen the technical and entrepreneurial skills of young women under the age of 40, as well as national policy initiatives and strategies that address gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors.

The first call for projects was launched in 2018 and four projects have been awarded: #BeYourVoice (Mexico), WAVE – Women Audio Visual Education (Palestine), DigitELLES (Senegal) and Digital Arts Academy (Tajikistan).



In 2018, the UNESCO Global Report Re|Shaping Cultural Policy concluded that women are not only less connected, but have lower digital literacy skills and little access to training programmes. Women entrepreneurs remain invisible in the digital creative industries even though they represent half of those employed in these sectors worldwide. Women are also largely missing in senior management and leadership positions.

"You Are Next" is the first initiative within the Culture Sector at UNESCO to address the gender equality in the creative and cultural industries, in the digital area. The initiative is led by the Diversity of Cultural Expressions Entity, in the framework of the 2005 Convention, and with the support of Sabrina Ho.

Sabrina Ho is a young philanthropist based in Macao (China). She is very active in the art sector after the completion of her MBA in Switzerland. As a young entrepreneur, Sabrina Ho founded Chiu Yeng Culture Limited which supports the emergence of Asian cultural scene. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Committee Chairman of the non-profit organisation, Boao Youth Forum for Asia.

Official website: www.you-are-next.org

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