Become an intern

Are you interested in a Global-Report internship at UNESCO?

Each year the Global Report accepts interns to assist the team in doing research and outreach/advocacy. We offer internships throughout the year.

Please note that the following information is for Global Report Internships ONLY:

  • Internships are full-time, i.e. based on a 5-day, 40 hours work week, but may vary depending on the individual situation.

  • Ideally, the length of an internship is three months.

  • Internships are exclusively reserved for students pursuing a graduate or postgraduate degree programme. Interns must have already completed a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and be completing at least a Master’s degree at the time of application.

  • Internships are unpaid and candidates who are accepted must prove that they carry health insurance.

  • The Global Report cannot provide housing.

  • Interns are responsible for obtaining a valid visa, if necessary.

  • The general UNESCO policy on internships applies. For further information see UNESCO guidelines.

 How to apply for an Internship:

  • Read Internships at UNESCO.

  • Submit your application to UNESCO Stageweb.

  • AND send a copy of your application to Anthony Krause, Chief of Policy and Research Unit, at Please specify which type of internship you are applying for in your e-mail: research, communications/media, or production/outreach.

IMPORTANT: If you do not send us a copy of your application, the Global Report team will not be able to know that you are applying specifically for a Global Report internship.

Due to the large number of applications we receive, we are only able to reply to shortlisted candidates.