Creative Economy Report 2013

The Creative Economy Report is a cross-agency United Nations contribution to debate on the global creative economy. Published on a periodical basis, the latest edition was co-published in 2013 by UNESCO and the United Nations Development Programme.

2018 Global Report - Re|Shaping Cultural Policies

The Global Report series monitors the implementation of the 2005 Convention and provides new and valuable evidence to inform cultural policy making and advance creativity for development. The 2018 edition examines how the 2005 Convention has inspired policy change at the global and country level and puts forward a set of policy recommendations for the future, addressing the adaptation of cultural policies to rapid change in the digital environment, based on human rights and fundamental freedoms of expression.

Global Report 2015 - Re|Shaping Cultural Policies

The 2005 Convention Global report publishes a synthesis of the latest information on the impact of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions at country-level - including how they contribute to the Convention’s four goals – and the cutting-edge debates at the international level. The first edition of the biennial report was published in 2015.