The Youth Achieving Results Performing & Visual Arts Programme

Youth Development Programme, Division of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth
Key objectives of the measure:

The objectives of the Youth Achieving Results Programme are:-

  • To provide an avenue for young persons who have a desire to pursue a career in the performing arts and who may not have the necessary prerequisites or financial means to enter other formal institutions.
  • To promote the Arts as an avenue for entrepreneurial development thereby providing employment for young persons.
  • To develop a core of extensively-trained individuals to promote and sustain Barbados' cultural industries.
  • To work towards the establishment of a Performing Arts Company and a Visual Arts Club as a means to developing the Arts on a larger scale through inter-disciplinary practice and performance.
  • To display, educate, teach and encourage cultural pride, dignity and appreciation. 
  • To teach our children, family and friends the value, significance and love of the dance, drama, songs and instruments.
    Scope of the measure:
    Nature of the measure:
    Main feature of the measure:

    The main feature of the Youth Achieving Results Programme is a production showcasing the skills learnt at the conclusion of the nine months of training.  The participants are given the opportunity the plan the production and arrange all of the technical areas.

    In addition to focusing on the performing arts the Youth Achieving Results programme also includes modules for personal development. These modules include the following topics:

    • Goal achievement/setting
    • Persuasive communication
    • Prioritisation
    • Conflict resolution
    • Self-motivation – fulfilling aspirations
    • Ability to motivate others
    • Building/renewing identity – self esteem
    • Developing strengths/talents
    • Spiritual development
    • Improving social abilities
    • Improving self-awareness
    • Visioning success
      Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

      The anticipated outcomes are that participants progress to the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) and the Richard Stoute Teen Talent show whilst forging a career in the Performing and Visual Arts with a view to becoming professional artistes.

      Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

      US$ 45,000

      Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
      Cultural Domain(s)
      Performing Arts
      Visual Arts