Voices of Culture (Structured Dialogue)

European Union
European Commission
Goethe-Institut Belgien
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 
Voices Of Culture is the structured dialogue between the cultural sector in the European Union and the European Commission. Enshrined in the (New) European Agenda for Culture, this dialogue provides a platform for civil society representatives of cultural sectors to give input to the European Commission on a range of topics. Successful applicants are invited to a Brainstorming Meeting on behalf of their organizations. A Brainstorming Report is produced by participants after the Brainstorming Meeting. This Brainstorming Report is then presented to and discussed with different services of the European Commission at a Dialogue Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Voices Of Culture launches regular calls for applications on different topics. During the reporting period, dialogues relevant to the UNESCO 2005 Convention have included Social inclusion: partnering with other sectors https://voicesofculture.eu/2019/05/16/social-inclusion-partnering-with-other-sectors-2/ Gender equality: gender balance in the cultural and creative sectors (2019): https://voicesofculture.eu/2019/05/14/gender-balance-in-the-cultural-and-creative-sectors/ The role of culture in non-urban areas of the European Union (2019): https://voicesofculture.eu/2019/10/10/the-role-of-culture-in-non-urban-areas-of-the-european-union/ Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and Opportunities (2020) https://voicesofculture.eu/2020/09/21/culture-and-the-sustainable-development-goals-challenges-and-opportunities/ Status and Working Conditions of Artists and Cultural and Creative Professionals (2021) https://voicesofculture.eu/2021/01/25/status-and-working-conditions-of-artists-and-cultural-and-creative-professionals/
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 
During the reporting period 10 brainstorming and dialogue meetings were held on the above topics (with several others on heritage-related topics, in line with the 2018 European Year for Cultural Heritage but not directly relevant to UNESCO 2005). 5 brainstorming reports were produced by civil society and presented to EU institutions and stakeholders, including Member State experts working on related topics under the Open Method of Coordination. The Voices of Culture meetings brought together 30-50 civil society representatives per topic, to physical meetings in Brussels and other European cities, and latterly via online channels. Several Commission services have taken part in the dialogues.
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Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
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