Vocational training in the field of culture (Macau)

Key objectives of the measure:

The Government completely acknowledges that the nurturing of talent is fundamental to the development of an industry. This also applies to the cultural industries. Citizens can apply for vocational training through government departments or non-governmental institutions to improve their skills. Those pursuing an art career can also receive professional training in certain areas in order to systematically develop themselves. The Macao Conservatory is a typical example, as an institution which nurtures musical, dance and drama talents. The Government is also preoccupied with providing suitable talent for the cultural sector in all areas, and has, to this end, been nurturing qualified personnel in areas such as orchestras, art group management, art industry and operation, management of cultural and creative industries, library management, heritage restoration and event management, in order to create the conditions for the development of diverse forms of cultural expression.

Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)
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