Technical cooperation among specialists working in cultural and creative industries

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
All related Government Agencies
Key objectives of the measure:

Developing creative industries into a major economic sector has become one of important development trends, so that it is necessary for Mongolia to develop and approve a sound policy to promote cultural and creative industries, based onits  unique cultural identity and traditional values, while including international marketing tools besides other supports as well. Moreover, further and systematic efforts should focus on disseminating public awareness of current trends and potentials of creative industries among the general public as well as artists and craftsmen; to promote arts and culture education and capacity building of human resources in the sector; to encourage artists’ initiatives and commitment and provide relevant supports for marketing and distributing their products and for sustainable operations of their businesses. 


Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
legislative, regulatory, financial, institutional
Main feature of the measure:

Mongolia has hosted and organized following cultural exchange events within the reporting period. For instance:

- “Mongolia 100 years ago – in French photographer’s camera” exhibition (April-July, 2012) aimed to improve knowledge and awereness of historical and cultural traditions and heritage among the general public, to promote early 20th century historical and cultural records documented, and to expand international cooperation among museums and galleries;

-“Time and space” mobile studio 2012 (August 17-30, 2012) aimed to enhance cultural contribtion to social development through cooperation among Mongolian and Korean artists;

-“Spirit” indigenous contemporary dance performance (September, 2012) aimed to enhance the cultural exchange between Mongolia and Australia and promote world-class modern dance in Mongolia;

- American dance stars” concert (June 2013) by best artists of US New York City Ballet Company and aimed to promote cultural diversity through expanding international cooperation in arts and culture sector, and to present world classic arts to Mongolian audiences;

- Swiss and Mongolian New Development Project “Agula” (May, 2014) aimed to enhance cooperation among Mongolian and Swiss artists, to present Mongolian music masterprices to the world audiences, and to support joint international production of culture and art works;

- Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival (October, 2014) aimed to promote national and international cooperation and partnerships in cinematography and to present best global cinematography works to Mongolian audiences;

- “Light table” animation training (November, 2014) aimed to develop animation production in Mongolia, to strengthen capacity of youths and students engaged in animation fields, and to promote international collaboration within the animation sector;

- “American contemporary dance night” (September, 2015) concert aimed to present best world art performance works to Mongolian audiences, and to promote cultural diversity.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

Furthermore, it is required to develop legal instruments supporting international arts and culture cooperation and cultural exchange programs, to enhance investment, to strengthen capacity building of human resources (through international trainings) in arts and culture sector, to promote international marketing of products manufactured by creative industries, and to create research and database tools in such regards.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure: