Syria's new Constitution

Syrian Arab Republic
Key objectives of the measure:

Syria’s new constitution became valid as of 27 February 2012. The Supreme Constitutional Court is the body responsible for amending existing laws in correspondence with it within a maximum of three years. Parts of the new constitution that are related to the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions are:

  • The prologue sets cultural diversity as one of the principles upon which the governance of the people should be based.
  • Article 3: the State respects all religions and guarantees the freedom to practice all their rituals that do not cause public disorder.
  • Article 9: the constitution safeguards the cultural diversity of Syrian society and considers it a national heritage that consolidates national unity in the frame of the unity of Syrian land.
  • Article 27: protecting environment is a responsibility of the State and society.
  •  Article 28: the educational system is based on founding a generation that is proud of its identity, heritage, belonging and national unity.
  • Article 31: the State guarantees the freedom of scientific, literary, artistic and cultural creativity, and provides the necessary tools to achieve that, in addition to providing assistance to the development of arts, artistic creation and creative talent and protecting their productions.
  • Article 32: the State protects archaeological and heritage sites, in addition to objects of artistic, historic and cultural value.
  • Article 33: citizens are equal in rights and duties, and no discrimination shall be made between them on the basis of gender, origin, language, religion or conviction.
  • Article 34: all citizens have the right to contribute to cultural life.
  • Article 43: the State guarantees the freedom and independence of the press, printing, publishing and media institutes according to law.
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