The Swedish Arts Council´s international support for literature

The Swedish Arts Council
Key objectives of the measure:

Under the name Swedish Literature Exchange, the Swedish Arts Council has the task to promote Swedish literature abroad. This is done by grants, information about Swedish literature and the Swedish book market, activities to strengthen the translators and promotional work at international book fairs.

Translation grant: Foreign publishers can apply for grants to cover translation and production costs for Swedish literature and drama.

Grant for literature projects and events: Organizations, publishers, literary festivals etc. can apply for grants for literature projects and events, for example author visits to literary festivals, book signings, readings, as well as translation seminars, special magazines about Swedish literature, costs in connection with reading events.

Grants for translators of Swedish literature: Translator from Swedish into other languages can apply for grants to cover travel and accommodation costs or seminar fees or other work related costs.

Grants for the Gothenburg Book Fair Fellowship: the Swedish Arts Council offers a Fellowship program for foreign publishers and translators during the Gothenburg Book Fair each year. The grant covers travel, accommodation, a full program with lectures and meetings with different parts of the Swedish book market.

Grants for Swedish agents for export related costs: the Swedish agencies can apply for a grant to cover costs for sample translations and other marketing material, travel and accommodation for visiting new markets, or other costs involved in the export activities.


In addition to the grants, the Swedish Arts Council offers information about  Swedish literature, through the newsletter Swedish Literature Exchange, and the magazine New Swedish Books. They also participate in the large international book fairs, for example London Book Fair,  Frankfurt Book Fair where they offer the Swedish publishers and agents to exhibit in the Swedish or Nordic collective stands. The Swedish Arts Council also work to strengthen the translators from Swedish into other languages, with conferences and network possibilities.

Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:

To support literary events and international exchanges which promote high quality Swedish literature and drama internationally.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

To increase the knowledge and number of translations of Swedish literature and drama internationally.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

SEK 9,6 million