Support to national film production

Key objectives of the measure:

National Film Council (CNCine)

The National Film Council of Ecuador (CNCine), created by the National Film Promotion Law (2006), is the institution in charge of strengthening the Ecuadorian film industry (CNCine, 2016). The Council works in five areas:

  1. Promotion of film production through the Film Promotion Fund;
  2. National diffusion of Ecuadorian production;
  3. Dissemination and international promotion of the Ecuadorian films;
  4. Training in both the professional and amateur fields;
  5. To research, rescue and put to the service of the citizenship, the Ecuadorian film heritage. 

CNCine, carries outpublic contests that allow allocate state funding to improve the production of film projects. As far as international diffusion and promotion is concerned, Ecuadorian filmmaking is positioned in the country, encouraging and facilitating the production of international projects in Ecuador.

The projects in which this institution has been working are:

  • Inventory, diagnosis and valuation of filmand audiovisual memory of Ecuador.
  • Promotion of national production in audiovisual and film projects in Ecuador.
  • Promotion of national audiovisual and film productions through the  inter-provincial transport network.

As part of the actions taken for the improvement of Ecuadorian film production are:

  • International agreements (Ibermedia, DocTV, among others).
  • Inter-institutional agreements with publicand private initiatives at  national and international level (Br Lab, Bolivia Lab, Cine al Cubo).
  • Participation in promotion and exhibition windows (Marché Du Film, Toulouse, Ventana Sur).
  • Support to the film sector in order to guarantee its participation in national and international training, promotion and exhibition spaces.
  • Creation and application of the National Cinematographic Dissemination System (Territorios de Cine, Flacso Cine and Retina Latina).
  • Acquisition of a film scanner, transferred to the National Cinematheque (Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana), to safeguard and protect the film heritage that belongs to the audiovisual memory of Ecuador.

Since 2007, a total of $ 9,252,108.65 in funds for film projects has been awarded to 412 projects. The year when more resources were delivered was 2014, with a total of $ 2,162,991.60 (See Annex 3).

Likewise, The Directorate of Film Industry and Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, with the objective of "directing the construction of public policy for the development, promotion and circulation of the cinematographic and audiovisual sector of Ecuador; and fostering the development of entrepreneurship through strategies and programs that encourage professional practice and production "(Ministry of Culture, 2012), has launched the following strategic actions:

Direct financing plans for artistic production

  • Coordination for Cultural Alba scholarship call: EICTV for writing script.
  • Cali Artistic Residence for fiction scriptwriting for feature film in coordination with the CNCine.
  • Support for the Animation and Film Festival.
  • Ecuadorian Film Collection: A 500 original DVD collection for national and international film samples.
  • “Cine sobre Ruedas” Project: 8 film titles distribution to land transportation cooperatives.
  • Production agreement for three chapters of the series "Expreso Sur” financed by the Common Initiatives Fund of UNASUR.
  • Participation in the XII Latin American and the Caribbean Film Festival of GRULAC in South America.

Research actions for future projects

  • Technical advice consultancy on the socio-cultural profile of DVD informal retailers and opinion studies on consumer habits for public policy creation.
  • Social communication campaign directed to the research of the socio-cultural profile of DVD informal retailers.
  • Television in Ecuador diagnosis for the development of public policies related to that sector.
  • Workshop on interculturality and the Communication Law in the context of a plurinational State.
  • Research and diagnosis on the alterative spaces for cinematographic exhibition.
  • Processes, practices and ruptures of cinematographic management in Ecuador 2006-2007.
  • Research on the informal audiovisual sector situation in 10 Ecuadorian provinces.