Support for the development of universities of the arts in countries of Africa and Latin America

University of the Arts
Key objectives of the measure:

Contribute to the development of university of the arts education in developing countries.


Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:

Expert advice on the design of plans and curriculum for university arts education.

Cooperation of Cuban teachers in operating these universities.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

Development of the universities of the arts in Venezuela and Ecuador and of Higher Institutes of Art in Angola and Mozambique

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:


Main conclusions of the evaluation of the measure:

The presence of Cuban teachers and specialists in those countries has made it possible to convey Cuba’s experience in arts education and contribute to the elaboration of a development strategy and design in those countries, as well as the training of multipliers who will sustain it in the future, in addition to what it has meant in terms of the professional training of youth and the improvement of their professional profile.    

Indicators used to determine impact:
Number of teachers offering their service.Number of graduates.
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