Studies to Measure Public Confidence in Local Media

United Arab Emirates
National Media Council
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Every two years, the National Media Council conducts a study to measure public confidence in local media. The study aims to achieve the following main goals:
* Measuring the level of confidence of all members of society in the UAE in relation to the various forms of media and media content.
* Measuring the level of community awareness and knowledge of the local media in general.
* Measuring the level of community satisfaction and happiness with the media and media content.
* Determining which form of media is most used by community members (radio stations, TV, newspapers, social media, etc.).
* Identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement and knowing the opinions and proposals of community members regarding Emirati media and media content.

The outcomes of this study shed light on areas that the NMC may need to focus on in the coming years to improve access to and production of diverse content.

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