Strengthening access to culture for persons with disabilities

Republic of Korea
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, (Korea Paralympic Committee
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism·Korea Disability Arts&Culture Center
Key objectives of the measure:

Provision of assistance to the disabled in enjoying sports activities
Activities of the Korea Disability Arts & Culture Center (Ieum Center): Support for the disabled to enjoy arts and culture 

The objective of this project is to create an environment in which a greater number of disabled persons can enjoy sports activities by providing services customized for individuals with disabilities based on the opinions of stakeholders (Paralympic Committees of local governments and sports associations). It is aimed at providing more sports instructors for the disabled and a variety of sports programs so that more disabled persons may join the “sports for all” programs. 
The project to support the artistic activities of the disabled expands the scope of the rights of disabled artists or their organizations to artistic expression and opportunities to enjoy arts and culture by supporting their creative activities. In addition, it seeks to produce artists among the disabled by providing them with opportunities of art education and by supporting their international cultural exchanges. 

Scope of the measure:
Local, Regional, National, International
Nature of the measure:
financial, institutional
Main feature of the measure:

1. The project is composed of six sub-plans: “improvement of public perception regarding sports for the disabled,” “support for lifetime sports class and clubs,” “education for lifetime sports instructors and their deployment,” “provision of lifetime sports facilities,” “operation of visiting sports instructor service for the disabled,” and “propagation of inclusive sports.”
▪ ① The program to improve public perception of sports for the disabled is to publicize sports for the disabled and improve the public perception about it. ② The support for lifetime sports class and clubs provides opportunities for the disabled to participate in lifetime sports activities and establish a sports-friendly environment and sports management system. ③ The education for lifetime sports instructors will encourage the disabled to participate in sports activities by dispatching sport instructors to each municipality across the nation. 
▪ ④ The provision of lifetime sports equipment provides the basic condition for the disabled to enjoy sports and encourages their sports activities. ⑤ The operation of visiting instructor service offers the opportunities of lifetime sports for all. ⑥ The inclusive sports provides opportunities for elementary and middle school students and the disabled to join the inclusive sports program. 
2. This project is composed of six sub-plans to assist the disabled in “exhibiting their artistic works and performances and enjoying arts and culture,” “participating in the arts and culture club activities,” “building artistic abilities,” “engaging in creative activities,” “pursuing collaboration with other arts and cultural organizations” and “engaging in international exchanges.”     
▪ The six sub-plans assist artists and the organization of disabled artists in pursuing creative activities, exhibiting their works and performances and producing artists through specialized educational programs. They su

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

The expected results of the project are as follows. First, the disabled will be given more opportunities to enjoy lifetime sports. In addition to the six sub-plans, the project provides the disabled with more access to sports activities by expanding sports facilities, operating winter sports camps and holding unified sports festivals for them. Second, it offers more lifetime sports programs and supports athletic competitions for the disabled by organizing sports classrooms and clubs by type. Third, the project will provide sports services for the disabled by establishing the National Sports Center for Disabled Persons and operating the Physical Fitness Center for Disabled Persons. 
This project expands the opportunities for disabled artists and amateurs to participate in creative activities and enjoy arts and culture. It will seek to produce experts in the arts of the disabled to promote the rights of the disabled to artistic expressions. It also supports the arts and cultural exchanges with other artist organizations and the global society. 

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

6,888,988 dollar (as of 2016)
1,850,492 dollar (as of 2017)

Main conclusions of the evaluation of the measure:

▪The project to establish an environment for the disabled to participate in sports activities was evaluated using five criteria, including policy implementation rate, policy effects (goal attainment rate, positive performance and effects) and policy feedback (efforts to respond to public feedbacks to the policy and collect and respond to the opinions in the fields) 
    Policy implementation rate: The programs were faithfully implemented, and some of them were completed earlier than originally scheduled
    Goal attainment rate and positive performance: E.g., the satisfaction rate of the project to support the sports activities of the disabled (96.2%), the achievement rate of the sports instructors’ service for the disabled (104.4%), etc.     
③ Effects of the policy: The project to support sports activities of the disabled achieved qualitative improvement. 
④ The post-evaluation feedback efforts: To encourage more people to join the lifetime sports activities in 2017 (one of the improvement tasks in the 2016 evaluation of the project), public campaign fund was extended to the institutions for the disabled. 
⑤ Policy feedback: The opinions of the disabled were reflected in the action plans. 

Indicators used to determine impact:
Policy implementation rate, policy effects and policy feedback 
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