Strategy for the creation of Orange Economy chains of production

Colombia Productiva
Directorate of Productivity and Competitivity, Ministry of Commerce, industry and tourism
INNpulsa Colombia
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The production chain enhancement strategy points to the links between the different types of companies that make up each stage or link of a given production process, in order to articulate them according to their capacities, reducing risks, promoting long-term business relationships, optimizing production processes and increasing quality standards of the goods and services produced, all of which facilitate access to new markets. Within this strategy, the Orange Productive Chains Programme is being finalized to ensure that the traditional productive sectors achieve a higher level in their offer of products and services through linkages with sectors of the orange economy. For this, a methodology must be structured to facilitate these linkages, and networking spaces between entrepreneurs from different industries. Additionally, there are the orange business rounds carried out by iNNpulsa Colombia which are intended to connect large corporations with entrepreneurs/ businesspeople in order to boost their companies and generate new sales.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

In 2019, Colombia Productiva structured an orange production chain programme to benefit 100 companies (50 from the traditional and 50 from the orange economy) in seven regions of the country. In total, 212 people have been trained on the orange economy, orange production chains and success stories of linkages between traditional sectors and the orange economy sector (both at the national and international level). 116 companies were selected as beneficiaries (50 traditional and 66 orange economy companies).

INNpulsa Colombia carried out in 2019 six orange business rounds with the aim of strengthening business creation spaces and orange production chains, in the departments of Risaralda, Meta, Cordoba, Atlantico, Cesar and Quindio, with the participation of about 550 cultural entrepreneurs/ businesspeople from the cultural and creative industries, which achieved written sales of more than COP $ 19,000 M (about USD $ 5.4 M)

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