"Social Dialogue as a tool to dignify the work of art and culture workers"

Union of Actors of Chile (SIDARTE).
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Between 2014 and 2016, social dialogue was carried out led by the actors union (SIDARTE), with the aim of agreeing on the labor relationship between producers and actors. Among the various activities carried out within the framework of this working table, the realization of social dialogue " To promote decent work for TV actors and actresses" stands out, an activity that took place with a ceremony attended by the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Labor, the Board of Directors of SIDARTE and different actors involved in this activity. On the occasion, the president of SIDARTE summarized all the important agreements reached through this dialogue with the different organizations that participated: - With the Undersecretariat of Labor, support was obtained to carry out negotiations with SEGPRES and the Ministry of Finance, for the repeal of article 145 L, of the labor code. - With the Labor Directorate, the creation of an explanatory labor booklet was established to tell the actors what their reality is with and without a contract. Also, the generation of standard contracts, for the areas of theater and audiovisual, which will be available on the page of this department. - Among the requests that were made to the Internal Revenue Service (SII), an orientation was generated in mechanisms to request the official pronouncement of the Director of the Service, regarding the application and request for the repeal of article 145 L. - Regarding the approximations obtained with the National Council of Culture and the Arts (today, MINCAP) is the participation in the design of the application bases for 2017 funds, in order to find a method that encourages labor formalization of the workers participating in the selected projects. - In addition, collaboration was established in conjunction with the Labor Directorate in the design of information cards on labor formalization, which will be accompanied by talks and seminars that will be given in various regions of the country through SIDARTE subsidiaries. The formalization and training of artists and managers of the performing arts in matters of formalization, rights and security was also committed, in coordination with the Labor Directorate. - Among the most important situations that occurred in this dialogue is SIDARTE's achievement of bringing the television channels to the table, through the National Association of TV Channels (ANATEL). They were given a proposal prepared by the Union for the formalization of employment in different channels . - With the Association of Film and TV Producers (APCT), for its part, it was decided to jointly generate a document of good labor practices in the audiovisual field, focused on the working conditions of workers. Another important point is the mediation with the APCT member producers who have not complied with the agreement adopted in the previous social dialogue on formalization, so that they comply with labor regulations. - Finally, with the Federation of TV Channel Workers (FETRATV), a permanent collaboration and communication agreement between unions was established on all related issues.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
In a subsequent dialogue organized by SIDARTE in 2017, that organization reached an important agreement with COOPERATIVA SMART CHILE. The document underlined, on the one hand, the validation of the important role that unions play in society in the defense of workers, and on the other, the fact that cooperatives are a contribution to the economy of scale, solidarity and as points out the ILO in its 2002 document, "Recommendation on the promotion of cooperatives:" (Cooperatives) help to create jobs, mobilize resources and generate investment, contribute to the economy (...) promote fuller participation of the entire population in economic and social development… ”. In turn, SIDARTE and SMART CHILE promised to open a channel for dialogue on specific cases of partners that both organizations have in common, open a channel for the dissemination of information and interesting opportunities that benefit their respective partners. SMART CHILE will make available to its members and will include in their advice to them, contents developed by SIDARTE that are a contribution to the professionalization of members of the cooperative, such as the “suggested minimum wages” for work in the theater sector. Currently, SMART CHILE, which has been renamed FRACTAL TRABAJO COOPERATIVO, is a non-profit work cooperative that seeks to grant labor protection to its partners, formalize their work and generate solidarity and collaborative network among them to contribute to dignity of work and quality of life. It is a solidarity response to the job insecurity of informal and independent, whose main objectives can be read at http://cooperativafractal.cl/
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