Scheme for Pension and Medical Aid to Artistes

Ministry of Culture
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The 'Scheme for Pension and Medical Aid to Artistes' implemented by the Ministry of Culture is meant for improving the financial and socio-economic status of the old artistes and scholars who have contributed significantly in their specialized fields of arts and literature in their active age. The Scheme also aims to provide medical aid facility to these Artistes and their spouse by providing a health insurance for treatment of diseases involving hospitalization through an identified network of health care providers.

This Scheme has the following two provisions/components:

(a) National Artistes Pension Fund
This provides a grant/monthly financial assistance to retired artistes who are above 60 years of age. The grant is renewed every year subject to provision of necessary documents by the beneficiary. In case of death of a beneficiary, the financial assistance may be transferred, at the discretion of the Central Government, in the name of the spouse of the beneficiary till life if such request application is received in the Ministry of Culture from the spouse along with necessary documents within the
period of six months from the date of death of the beneficiary.

(b) National Artistes Medical Aid Fund
The objective of this fund is to provide health insurance coverage of the Government for existing beneficiary artistes and their spouse to ensure quality medical care for treatment of diseases involving hospitalization through an identified network of heath care providers. Artistes who may be receiving financial assistance under 'National Artistes Pension Fund' may be eligible to benefit from this facility.

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