Regulatory instrument for creation of the cultural policy of Montenegro

Key objectives of the measure:

The Government of Montenegro passed the National Programme for Development of Culture 2011-2015 at the beginning of 2011, a strategic document which represents the first long-term projection of a comprehensive reform in the culture of Montenegro. The legal basis for adoption of this document is provided under Article 8 of the Law on Culture, which lays down that the National Programme is passed by the Government, upon a proposal from the Minister of culture, for a period of five years.
Having in mind the legal assumption that culture in Montenegro is defined as an activity of public interest, the National Programme sets the goals and priorities for development of all segments of culture and determines organizational, financial and administrative measures for their realization.
The National Programme lays down conditions, priorities, measures and goals for: protection and use of cultural goods; protection of Montenegrin cultural values outside Montenegro; cultural creation and production; reform of the institutional framework; strengthening human resources capacities; scientific and research work; amateurism; cross-sectoral cooperation; entrepreneurship in culture; international cooperation, and other matters of importance for a consistent and continuous development of culture.
Measures, activities, holders and dynamics of realization of the priorities set, as well as indicators and mechanisms for their implementation and evaluation are defined in the Action Plan, passed by the Government annually.
Five-year Strategy for the Development of Culture in Montenegro (2011-2015) is based on the analysis of all segments of culture, from the principles forming the base for development of activities in culture, to technical and institutional support for its improvement. Such an approach arises from the striving to point out exclusively to problems and challenges that institutions and individual face in this field. Problems and challenges in culture are the basis for setting five-year strategic priorities in the cultural policy in Montenegro, expressed in this document.
Key challenges in this mission are reaching balanced development of all cultural activities at the national and local level, strengthening legal and institutional support and strengthening human resources capacities.

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