Regulation on airing of 40% local content for broadcasts

Communication Authority of Kenya
Key objectives of the measure:

The Kenyan government in 2014 passed a broadcasting regulation requiring broadcasting stations to ensure 40% local content in TV and radio  broadcasts. The policy direction has expanded the markets for distribution of local film, plays and music. There has been a tremedous increase in the number of locally produced films and music to meet the policy requirement. The policy direction has  created new opportunities for artists and local producers  thus new job and income oppotunities. Further the policy has created new opptunities for  distribution of cultural goods and services. The policy has increased diversity of  cultural expressions that are braodcasted giving citizens wider access to diverse cultural expressions.Citzens can now enjoy local cultural expressions even in local languages thus promoting the diversity of cultural expressions.


Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:

 The main feature of the measure is the mandatory regulation passed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CIA requiring n airing of forty per cent 40% local content by radio and television broadcasters. The regulation further requires that the broadcasts air and observe restrictions on adult content. The stations are required to submit their weekly programming log to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) for scrutiny. The new regulations released by CA Director-General require broadcasters to submit recorded events to the authority immediately after airing live functions. The purpose of regulations is to increase the quantity of local content viz a viz the foreign content and make improve access of available Kenyan cultural expressions. That policy direction has expanded the markets for distribution of local film, plays and music, thus, creating new opportunities for artists and producers in Kenya. The move provides for new opportunities for the enhancement of local productions as well as improved channels for distribution of cultural expressions including those in local languages thus promoting the access to diversity of Kenyan cultures. 

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

- improved access of diverse local cultural expressions 

- enjoyemnt of culture by citizens

- increase in quantity of local cultural expressions aired on radio and Television,

- improved incomes for artsits, producers and communities from royalties paid by the broadcsaters 

- improved quality of productoions from competition

- new jobs created for artists and producers 

- enhanced contribution of the sector to the national economy 

- new distribution channels for creative cultural works 

- new innovations in the production of cultural goods and services 

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

The financial allocations for  implementation of the measure is under the regualar government budgetarty allocation for the Communications Authority of Kenya. 

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