Rafael Santa Cruz" and "Arguedas for the World" International Festivals

Asociación Repercuté, Entretenimiento Afrocultural
National School of Folklore
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The importance of recognizing Peruvian cultural traditions and making them visible is the driving force that has mobilized cultural organizations to generate mechanisms that aim to strengthen the cultural presence abroad, as well as the integration into the international community. In this connection, we present two initiatives. On the one hand, Asociación Repercuté presents the International Festival of Cajón and Percussion (FICP), which has the cajón (an instrument of Afro-Peruvian origin) as its host. The FICP was founded with the aim of knowing and recognizing the Afro-Peruvian origin of the cajón, celebrating that the instrument has transcended geographical and musical borders. Through a comprehensive program, which includes thematic concerts, conferences, video exhibits, workshops, fairs and master classes, the FICP is a platform where musicians from different schools, styles and nationalities meet to make known their percussion instruments, their music and their culture. The festival covers various areas, ranging from the cultural and educational, to issues such as inclusion, multiculturalism and recognition to the contributions of minority groups, without neglecting heritage-related issues. It also focuses on the appropriation of public spaces by citizens through a massive central event. On the other hand, the "Rafael Santa Cruz" Festival makes it possible to stimulate cultural flow and development activities among countries, as well as facilitating access to culture for all sectors of the population. Its objectives are to: • implement an unprecedented annual festival, free of charge, with an original program and capable of uniting an audience made up of both professionals and enthusiasts; • expand the recognition and media coverage of the Peruvian cajón at the local, regional and international level; • expand the knowledge and perception of the public towards percussion in general; • include a pedagogical component through videos, musical clinics and master classes; • produce audio and written material; • promote the participation of citizens in general and of young people, in particular alongside renowned artists through a massive act in a public space (La Cajoneada); • become a reference point for percussion in Peru and the Ibero-American region; • become a landmark tourist attraction in the city of Lima and Peru. Finally, the National School of Folklore conducts the “Arguedas for the World” International Folk Dance Festival, which is a space for academic cultural exchange, where students have the opportunity to interact with and learn from the different techniques shown by visiting international delegations, who showcase the best of their musical and dance repertoire, while joint activities are developed to enhance the comprehensive training of our students, such as Educational Workshops, given by the directors of the groups; as well as Keynote Speeches, where participation is not only massive on the part of our students, since they are also open to the general public. It is a four-day festival of artistic and academic appreciation within an integration and bonding environment. The festival is held to celebrate World Folklore Day on August 22 of each year.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
The "Rafael Santa Cruz" International Festival has been held throughout 12 consecutive editions, with more than 60,000 attendees over twelve years. The following presentations, activities, publications, among others, have taken place in it: more than 125 concerts with 400 national and international artists; 12 massive “cajoneadas”; 2 Guinness World Records; screening of 56 specialized video documentaries; 12 round tables with musicologists and experts; 68 master classes of Peruvian cajón, cajón flamenco, drums, tap dance, Mexican marimba, m’bira, pandeiro, Indian tabla, bass drum, experimental percussion, djembé, etc.; a workshop addressed to professionals; 12 workshops for children, enthusiasts and professionals; four fairs dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of local artists, institutions, companies and entrepreneurs, offering them the support and space they need to be able to show the public their projects related to cajón, percussion and the Afro-descendant legacy with total freedom; six closing concerts at the Grand National Theater; the release of a freely-distributed double CD entitled: "Festival Internacional del Cajon Peruano - Grandes Momentos" (“International Festival of Peruvian Cajón - Great Moments”); the sponsorship of “Método de Cajón Peruano” (“Peruvian Cajón Method”) (book and CD) by F. Vallejos Paulett; position itself as a national and international reference point in the world of percussion. The "Arguedas for the World" International Festival has been held in three editions. The first edition, in 2017, had the visit of Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Argentina; the second edition, in 2018, had the visit of Colombia, Ecuador and Egypt; and, in the third edition, in 2019, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Colombia participated as guests. To date, throughout the three editions, 210 exclusive educational workshops for the students of the school, given within the schedule of the dance workshop, and 18 workshops for the general public, have been developed. It is also connected to FESTIDANZA, the most important dance festival in Peru, which takes place in Arequipa. Five school presentations have been carried out in important educational institutions, with which professional internship programs are developed. This year, the activities inside the School were focused on giving the responsibility of representing Peru to the different students groups: The Students Cast, The National Music and Dance Group of Peru and Generación Enriqueta Rotalde (made up of graduates from the school), as well as dances presented by the students at the 2019 Festival Arguediano - I, both regular and PAEA MEIE students.
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