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This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The initiative’s goal is the long-term inclusion of artists who live in Vienna as migrants or refugees into the Austrian cultural sector. To reach this aim, QM&A highlights four vital aspects: 1. Building up an active network of newly arrived artists and artists who have been based in Vienna for a long time, as well as representatives of Vienna’s cultural institutions 2. Conveying key competences for successfully navigating the Austrian cultural sector 3. Counselling for newly arrived artists, including direct contact and finding the correct institutions, public bodies, venues, etc. 4. Development of measures to increase the accessibility to Viennese institutions for newly arrived artists in close collaboration with the institutions QM&A pursues a clear format that facilitates accessibility. Every six months there is an open call eligible for artists residing in Vienna. The 20-30 artists selected, will be working on a work of art in teams, consisting of a newly arrived artist and a long-term resident, of a period of two to four months. Finally, the work will be in collaboration with a curator presented as part of an exhibition. Objectives: • Support for newly arrived artists, helping to navigate the Viennese art and culture sector and getting to know with different actors • Formation of a network of newly arrived artists and artists who have been in Vienna for a long time • Exchange of knowledge and information between newly arrived artists and artists who have been in Vienna for a long time • Advocating for more diversity in the Viennese art sector
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Since the first presentation of the initiative in September 2019, QM&A has already collaborated with a large number of different artists and has created exhibition opportunities for newly arrived artists. In the framework of the collaborative production, QM&A has facilitated the formation of in-depth networks, extending beyond the time of collaboration. Additionally, QM&A has established itself as focal point for newly arrived artists and it provides permanent counselling. Moreover, it can be observed that there is an increased interest in collaboration with QM&A by the Viennese art and culture institutions that aim at an adequate representation of newly arrived artists in their programmes.
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