Providing an enabling environment for the establishment of National Professional Associations

Key objectives of the measure:

Government has provided enabling environments for the establishment of strong National Professional Associations for Artists, Authors, Dramatists, and Filmmakers etc. Civil Society Organizations or Professional associations include:

• The Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA)
• Guild of Nigerian Dancers (GONDL
• Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria
• Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA)
• Committee for Relevant Arts (CORA)which won the Prince
Klaus Award
• Guild of Actors etc.

These associations help their members in the creation, production, distribution, dissemination and enjoyment of their various forms of cultural expressions.

The government has also continued to support these organisations with fund for instance the President has just approved
$200,000,000.00 (Two Hundred Million Dollars) as Presidential Intervention Fund for the Arts which is domiciled in Nigeria's Bank of Industry to support development of the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

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