"Promotion of a wide digital cultural offer for citizens in the context of the health crisis caused by COVID-19".

MINEDUC, MINCAP, civil society organizations and the cultural sector in general.
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The following billboard corresponds to platforms set up by organizations of civil society and the culture sector, as well as the State through its MINEDUC and MINCAP.

Library, archives and museums:

- Memoria Chilena: Digital resource center with research based on digitized documents belonging to the collections of the National Library of Chile.
- Chile for Children: Project born under the eaves of the Chilean National Library portal that offers a blog of thematic minisites related by Memoriosa, a very curious girl who lives in the National Library, together with her friends.
- Digital Library of the MINEDUC: Portal for teacher development and the educational community.
- Library of the Center for Improvement, Experimentation and Pedagogical Research (CPEIP) of MINEDUC: Brings its users specialized material on education.
- BP Digital: Free library for the whole family.
- Readings and resources to download from the website of the National Reading Plan (MINCAP): The platform has more than 260 reading resources.
- Museum of Memory and Human Rights: Publications that seek to promote educational initiatives that invite knowledge and reflection.
- Santiago in 100 words: It makes different downloadable materials available to teachers, children, young people and parents that help create short stories. Also, you can find a collection of short stories online.
- Thick work. Art, education, culture: Repository that gathers documentation produced or collected by the Department of Education and Training in Arts and Culture of MINCAP, and UNESCO.

Cinema and multimedia:

- Mediatecalibre: Observatory and repository of content related to digital culture and the intersection of art, science, technology and societies.
- CEACTV: Channel of the Center for Artistic and Cultural Extension of the University of Chile
- Grupoeducar: Repository that includes the Educar Magazine, News Portal, recommendations for movies, museums and activities, support material for families, and Educar TV.
- Choose-culture: Cultural exploration site that includes virtual billboards.
- Young programmers: Program that seeks to encourage the learning of virtually programming , so that everyone in Chile can learn the language of codes and programming.
- La Moneda Cultural Center.
- Online National Cinematheque.
- Teatro a Mil TV: Self-management of Fundacion Teatro a Mil. Share audiovisual files on performing arts in Chile.
- Ondamedia: audiovisual platform developed by MINCA, with the aim of bringing national cinema closer to all citizens.

Artistic education:

- Arts Education Week: UNESCO, MINCAP, among other national actors.
- Artequin Museum: Panoramas with children. Ideas, games, videos, movies, and more to do within four walls.
- National Cultural Heritage Service: Free download of the Pinta y Calca series, "Chilean Flora" collection by Claudio Gay; "Chilean animals in danger"; "Chilean arthropods: legs that give away" and "Chilean birds".
- National Museum of Fine Arts: Printable and coloring sheets that recreate some of the most recognized sculptures of the MNBA. Model of the Palace of Fine Arts to color, cut out, and put together.
- Arde Project: It is a digital community that supports the development of creative process files in an open, free, and public domain framework.
- Council of National Monuments of Chile: Monumenteando Chile en papel. It offers materials that emit create models of heritage landmarks such as the Humberstone and Santa Laura saltpeter works, the churches of Chiloe or La Moneda.
- Our paleontological heritage. Prehistoric Fauna of Chile: Allows you to print, learn about, and color animals from the past such as the Pelagornis, the Chilesaurus and the Gonfoterio.
- CECREA, MINCAP Creation Centers: Creation Centers throughout the country offer resources for boys, girls, and young people to develop different activities from their homes.

Performing arts:

- GAM. Center for Arts, Culture and People: A selection of videos, interviews, and works is available on its website.
- Municipal of Santiago: National Opera of Chile. "Municipal Delivery" that brings music, opera, and dance to your home.
- Fundacion Teatro del Lago de Frutillar: Share different works that have been part of the artistic-educational season of the Theater, for free, and online. Frutillar is the first UNESCO Creative City in Chile.
- NAVE TV: Online TV about performing arts.
- Puente Alto Cultural Corporation: Allows you to take a 360 deg virtual tour and visit its exhibitions.
- Choose Culture: Collaborative platform that under the #EligeCulturaEnCasa modality brings together the most varied artistic and cultural alternatives in digital format.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

"During these last weeks we have witnessed how people have sought refuge, and one way to cope with this situation is through reading, watching audiovisual content, listening to music, or practicing some cultural and artistic discipline. I think that in some way the digital offer has contributed to reverting the image of culture as something decorative, luxury or elite. It has alleviated confinement and contributed to mental health, we could say that culture has been a cushion of mental protection". These are the words of Consuelo Valdes, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

For this reason, since the pandemic was declared, MINCAP has promoted a wide range of digital sites. "At the same time that our museums, archives, libraries and cultural spaces were closed, we launched the #EligeCulturaEnCasa initiative, with the aim of facilitating citizen access to the digital offerings of the ministry and other collaborating spaces and entities. The Choose Culture platform, which hosts this campaign, was reinvented to disseminate content that allowed art and culture to be experienced digitally, through virtual tours of museums, online art collections, documentaries, etc. We are very happy with the results; from March to June the platform has reached more than 363 thousand visits", says the minister. Likewise, the MINCAP audiovisual content dissemination site, Onda Media, also reports on the good reception it has had by the public: since mid-March to date, more than 1,200,000 film viewings have been registered and more than 160,000 downloads of the application for smartphones. A significant increase is also what the Digital Public Library has shown in this same period, both in the number of subscribers, which registers 25% more than last year, and in loans (44% more than the same date in 2019) and Bookings. The same concerning the download of titles, whose current amount available exceeds 17 thousand works.

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Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Name of partnerType of entity
Organizations of civil society and the cultural sector, as well as of the State through the MINEDUC and the MINCAP.
Public Sector
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