Promotion of and research on cultural diversity

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture
Mayor`s Office of Ulaanbaatar
Arts Council of Mongolia
Film Council of Mongolia
Embassy of Turkey in Mongolia, Embassy of France in Mongolia
Key objectives of the measure:

Key objectives of the activities are to improve conceptual understanding among the public and artists of the current development trends of culture and cultural production based on national cultural traditions, support and enhance cultural education, training highly skilled professional human resources, promote initiatives and innovations of artists, create supportive environment to enable artists to market their cultural products and run sustainable business operations and, finally, improve social security of cultural sector employees.

  1. “Mongol Naadam” Cultural Programme:

The Cultural Programme has been held for the last eight years at “Hui doloon khudag” area involving around 400 students, teachers and staff of the University. As part of the Festival, a symphonic concert “Awakened Steppe”, “Mongolian Naadam” pop concert, and a Mongolian epic concert. Cultural Programme had various “destinations” including Ger Art Gallery of “Fine Arts”, “Make up and Portrait drawing”, “Folklore”, “Games and Toys”, “Handicraft  and Calligraphic Exhibition” etc.

  1. Musical instrument restoration: As part of the Project to replicate 7, 9 and 11 string “yatuga” musical instrument (plucked zither) that were played in Mongolian Royal palaces
  2.  Mongolian Cinematography Arts and Industry: The main aim of the project is to support a sustainability of Mongolian cinematography. In order to reach the main goal the following projects were implemented.

1. Reestablishment of national cinema network. Project to provide and install film projection and screening equipment in cultural centers through out the country.

2. Production grants for Mongolian film makers. To increase access of local film makers to the international scene.

3. 1st - 2013, 2nd - 2014, 3rd - 2015 Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival. To promote world cinema in Mongolia and enhance international partnership


Scope of the measure:
National, International
Nature of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:

A. Awakened Steppe

  • “Awakened Steppe” Cultural Festival, initiated by the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture was organized with support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Organizers were the Arts Council of Mongolia, METAA from Korea, and the Mongolian Tourism Association.

B. Musical Instrument Restoration

  • New and innovative handicraft products and cultural events were presented. Including  “Constructing a Mongolian ger”, “The art of Wearing Mongolian traditional costumes” to promote Mongolian diversity of  cultural expressions to younger generations

C. Mongolian Cinematography Art and Industry

1. 2012-2014 In 2 districts of UB and 48 provinces' culture centers received and installed film projection and screening equipments. Including 53 screens and 11000 seats in culture centers were newly installed.

2. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism commisioned film director S.Byamba's film "Remote Control", the winner of New Currents Award from Busan International Film Festival-2013 and Ch.Khoroldorj's "Sharga Daaga" fiction film, that was premiered during the UBIFF 2013.

3. The UBIFF program celebrated Mongolian, Turkey, French and international cinema received honors at prestigious international film festivals such as Cannes, Toronto and Berlinale, featuring films from countries as diverse as Iceland, Iran, Colombia, China, Hungary, Italy, Singapore, Mexico, UK and Russia.

Under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia, the first ever Forum on Reforms of Mongolian Cinematography was organized. Over 200 representatives from Cinema Industry took part in the Mongolian Cinematography Forum and discussed the current global trends of cinematography and development of cinematography in our country. The Forum was conducted in sessions, panels with cinematographers and plenary discussions.


Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

A. Awakened Steppe

  • Around 10,000 participants take part in the “The Arts of wearing Mongolian traditional costumes” event and over 500-600,000 visitors attended, with each year, number of participants and observers of the “Mongol Naadam Programme” are increasing.

B.Musical Instrument Restoration project

  • As a result of the Musical Instrument Restoration project, “Egshilen Manlai” Music Factory produced 7, 9 and 11 string “yatuga” instrument and the Project leader, composer S. Soronzonbold wrote a composition for royal Yatuga triplet called “Light rain – Swan - Love” and choreographer D. Bayarbaatar composed a dance “Melody of the Sky”. For the future, the instruments will be used in training, musical production and research and new compositions suitable for 7, 9 and 11 string “yatugas” in terms of tones, timbre and tune will be written. 

C.Mongolian Cinematography Art and Industry

1. The number of audience 1,050.7 thousand in 2010 increased to 1,505.9 thousand in 2014.

2. Mongolian films received international recognition. S.Byamba "Remote Control", the winner of New Current Award from Busan International Film Festival 2013

3. More than 10200 moviegoers watched one or more of the 42 movies screened a UBIFF between 2013-2015.

The Forum on Mongolian Cinematography Reforms has issued a recommendation to draft a Law on Cinematography and established the working group for drafting of the new law.


Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

A. Awakened Steppe - 2013-2015 Total of  137,854,700 Tugrugs in local currency or 68,927.35 USD.

B. Musical Instrument Restoration project - Total of 16,000,000 Tugrugs or 8,000 USD

C. Mongolian Cinematography Art and Industry:

1. Reestablishment of national cinema network: In 2012 - 400,000,000 Tugrugs or 200,000 USD. In 2013 600,000,000 Tugrugs or 300,000 USD

3. UBIFF 2013-2015 - 363,538,000 Tugrugs or 181,769 USD

Reforms in Mongolian Cinematography Forum - 20,000,000 Tugrugs or 10,000 USD


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Cinema/ Audiovisual Arts