Promotion in the Republic of Srpska

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ministry of Education and Culture of the RS
Key objectives of the measure:

The Republic of Srpska (RS)
Support for the improvement of the climate for creative artists in RS and improvement of social status and mobility of artists is in part carried out on the basis of the Law on the Acquisition of the Independent Artist Status (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, No. 50/10), which introduces the concept of an independent artist and provides for procedures to acquire the independent artist status. 

The rights and obligations of independent artists are regulated by the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, No.  134/11) which defines independent artists as insured persons and, based on that, they are entitled to payment of voluntary insurance.  The Health Insurance Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, No.  18/99, 51/01, 70/01, 51/03, 17/08 and 1/09, 106/09) enables unemployed persons to exercise the right to health insurance, regardless of their profession, and so do artists.  

The Ministry of Education and Culture supports the publishing in RS by co-financing the publication of literary and artistic works in RS through the competition to co-finance the publishing, and in particular defines the first book by the author category. Interpretation business is inseparable part of the literature, and given the fact that this area in RS is not sufficiently developed and represented, the Ministry, within the above competition, gives preference to translation projects. 

The Ministry also provides support to publishing by co-financing book fairs and presenting our publishing houses and writers at fairs in the region, but also in the most important international fairs (Leipzig, Thessaloniki, Belgrade). 

According to the Publishing Activity Law, natural or legal persons registered for conducting publishing activities in the relevant ministry and in court may be engaged in issuing publications.  According to the ISBN Agency data (which is part of the National and University Library (NUB) of RS) 280 publishers exist in RS, while the Register of Publishers, which is kept in the Ministry of Education and Culture, contains 338 entities which may perform this activity. Unfortunately, the Law did not provide for the categorization of persons whom publishing is primary or secondary activity. The Ministry also keeps the Public Media Register. 

The field of film in RS is governed by the cinematography legislation, as the Cinematography Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, No. 37/09) and four respective bylaws are adopted. 

In regard to the measures being carried out, the fact is that the Ministry of Education and Culture of RS subsidizes film through competitions to co-finance film activities.
Based on the Law on the Archives of RS (Official Gazette of RS, No. 119/08), the RS Cinematheque is established and holds a valuable film material, while the RS Law on Cinematography provided for the establishment of the RS Cinematography Development and Promotion Centre, the public institution aiming to create a favorable environment for the development of film production, co-production, as well as to attract foreign film producers and projects.

Several co-productions with the Federation of BiH have been implemented, as well as with neighboring countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. Two co-productions have been made with the main producers being authors in RS. 2009. 2009 is particularly significant because of “32 December" film, which is considered the first feature film with the majority RS co-production, and the production and realization are entirely done in the capacity of RS film workers.  This film has won significant awards and toured the world as part of its festival journey. 

The documentary film is of particular importance. About twenty documentary films and one animated film have been made in the RS production, while some of them received significant international recognitions. 
In terms of participation and contribution to the development of cinematography in RS, the Association of RS Film Workers is established with a view to improve filmmaking and film production in RS.

Scope of the measure:
Local, Regional