Promotion of the Cultures of Disadvantaged Groups of the Population

Key objectives of the measure:

In 2004, within the framework of its subsidy system, the Ministry created the subsidy programme Culture of Disadvantage Groups of the Population to promote the access of culture for vulnerable groups and to promote the equality of opportunities and prevent discrimination and all forms of violence. The subjects ensuring care for the development of the cultural needs of disadvantaged groups (the disabled, the elderly, vulnerable groups children and youth, the homeless, migrants, marginalized Roma communities, women, etc.) can apply for support within the framework of the subsidy programme.

The programme aims at strengthening the equality of opportunities in the area of culture for disadvantaged groups of the population and eliminating material and mental barriers, prejudices and stereotypes in the access to cultural values, to create conditions for the propagation and presentation of the specific cultures of the disadvantaged. The subsidy programme has operated since 2004, and in 2009 the funds allocated through this programme were markedly increased.

Main feature of the measure:

In 2009, the funds were increased through the measure by approximately 104,000 €, which presents a nearly 50% growth in support. The Ministry is responsible for implementing this measure. 

Challenges for introducing this measure stemmed from the need for more systematic and permanent support and extension of human rights regarding the cultures of disadvantaged groups of the population, the introduction of temporary compensatory measures, particularly the need for the better accessibility of culture for disadvantaged groups of the population (such as extending the possibilities for free or discount entry fees for all vulnerable groups, implementation of creative workshops, model projects, etc.) the need to train employees from the culture sector in the issues of human rights in culture (information on the life and problems of vulnerable groups, physical and mental barriers to access to culture) as well as the need to create conditions for access to cultural values and creative self—fulfilment (model projects).

The effect of this measure was the increase in the number of applications for financial support within the framework of the subsidy programme and the increase in the number of supported applications. In 2007, at total of 47 projects were supported in the total amount of 198,067 €; in 2008, a total of 54 projects were supported in the sum of 198,067 €; in 2009, a total of 88 projects were supported in the sum of 302,245 €; in 2010, a total of 89 projects were supported in the sum of 307,350 €, and in 2011, a total of 83 projects were supported in the sum of 298,500 €. The sum of 375,000 € is budgeted for 2012.

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