Promoting the diversity of cultural and creative industry contents from Bangladesh

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Bangladesh;
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To build awareness and to promote the local cultural and creative sectors, Bangladesh Government's Ministry of Cultural Affairs has taken various initiatives through its related agencies. One key organisation in this regard isthe Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. It is the agency which supports the organization of various events to promote various types of cultural activities such as music, visual arts, cinema, photography, stage plays, pantomime and dance.
Between 2014 & 2019,the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy organised a wide range of events to promote the diversity of cultural activities in Bangladesh. Among the vast list are Bangladesh MusicWeek, Dhaka Art Summit, International Theatre Festival, Indigenous Theatre festival, Bangladesh Cultural Festival(in all 64 districts of Bangladesh), National Theatre Festival (in association with the Bangladesh group theatre federation), National Performance Art Festivals and, the Asian Art Biennale.
Before 2015, the participants of these events were mostly from Asian countries, but in the past four years, European, South American, African, Middle Eastern and Oceania countries have been included as well in art summits, biennale, music and theatre festivals.
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy also facilitates and arranges various kinds of training to continuously build the capacities of cultural professionals, such as in makeup, sound engineering , acting, dancing, theatre direction, script writing, ball room dancing (bally, rumba, mumba), staff notations, flute, acrobats and also puppetry.
To promote culture in educational institutions nationwide, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy arranged various activities such as cultural competitions in all the government and private primary schools across the country. Free musical instruments (such as the harmonium and tabla, a form of drums) were distributed in girls' schoolsin 489upazillas (sub -district level). Furthermore, the National Anthem and Bengali Music Teaching Programmewas launched in 2000 schools, colleges and universities across Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
Public Sector
Ministry of Education
Public Sector
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