To promote spaces of exchange that favor undertakings related to cultural, artistic, and literary expressions

The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
• To create opportunities for artistic development and creation to support and protect the creative processes (which also include research) carried out by artists and cultural professionals; • Meeting and dialogue of intensely-trained Cuban artists with segments of young audiences. • Scholarships to artists in Cuba and abroad and to foreigners in Cuba; • Courses for foreign art students in Cuba in interaction with Cuban artists; • System of workshops and seminars given by foreign experts for Cuban artists and specialists. It is a substantial part of FLC's mission to provide a space for creators who are still little known to present and discuss their work, taking into account that they are still at an early stage of their professional careers. Likewise, to create platforms for exchange with competent and established professionals in the rest of the world. It develops platforms for consultation that allow the display and reflection of products and services related to the field of culture that are generated spontaneously. Organizational forms not yet consolidated, composed of young professionals who, in order to develop their ventures, face financial, technological, connectivity or access constraints to material resources, all incentives to develop creativity and resilience that have historically given our citizens great capacity to survive and reinvent themselves.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Much has been promoted regarding these artists and their work, as well as their interaction with public segments which mostly correspond to their age and cultural groups. In this way, it has contributed to the development of a sense of self-criticism towards their work and their relationship with potential audiences. Architects, designers, filmmakers, actors of all kinds have passed through this space, showing the diversity and strength of an emerging sector that is oriented towards the so-called creative economy. Discussion forums have been held with the necessary conditions of autonomy and protection, on issues related to artistic creation and the context in which it is currently developed. Dialogues with artists and professionals from other geographical and cultural contexts have been encouraged to enrich their perception of the world and their own experiential context. It has contributed to the promotion and understanding of an emerging sector that absorbs the knowledge of a significant number of professionals: filmmakers, architects, designers, computer engineers, photographers, and others, who also provide remarkable quality services and added value. The spaces generated have allowed participants to be provided with tools to carry out the activity of this sector and to identify other actors in similar circumstances, as well as potential allies and collaborators, to exercise their creative vocation. An important moment in this initiative was the international seminar Hablemos de las Industrias Creativas de La Habana, in 2019, organized jointly with the Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy. The foreign speakers exchanged their experiences with the local ones, discussed as a whole the relevance or not of applying them in the national context, and established links for future collaboration.
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