Preferential treatment measures

Key objectives of the measure:

As regards preferential treatment it forms an integrated part of Denmark's cooperation with developing countries on culture and development and the work of the Danish Center for Culture and Development (DCCD) which will be dealt with in chapter 2.3.

It should be mentioned here though that since 1991 the DCCD has organised the IMAGES Festivals persenting contemporary art and artists from developing countries rarely exposed in Denmark. Through the festivals the Danish population gets a first hand impression of how art is a vital factor of change and development in these countries. And by joint productions and exhibitions with likeminded Danish artists, the visiting artists get a life-long network and inspiration to develop their own art form. Quite often the participatiing artists gain more recognition in their own country after having been part of an international arts festival supported by the Danish government. 

In some cases it has also been a gateway to international recognition and an important step for free artistic expression. 

Another initiative by the DCCD is The Arts Fund which supports approximately 65 individuals and institutions p.a. who initiate projects, with the aim to bring art from the developing countries to the Danish art scene: music, visual art, dance, theatre and literature that represent the contemporary scene or diversify the images of art from developing countries. The fund supports both small cooperation projects between artists around a single production, larger guest performances in theaters and at festivals and long term cooperations between institutions. More recently, the Arts Fund has initiated dialogue with important cultural institutions, in an attempt to engage institutions outside the 'world scene', in exchange projects with artists from developing countries.