Plan d’action gouvernemenal en culture 2018–2023 [2018–2023 Government Action Plan for Culture]

The Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec (MCC [Québec Ministry of Culture and Communications]) is responsible for coordinating the plan’s implementation.
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The 2018-2023 government action plan for culture complements Quebec's cultural policy, Partout, la culture. It conveys the government's vision and establishes its priorities by presenting an initial set of concrete actions to ensure the presence and vitality of Quebec culture everywhere and for the benefit of all.

The action plan includes 41 measures that will provide more effective support for the people and organizations that are central to Quebec's cultural vibrancy and help develop new networks of partners in the social, economic and territorial spheres. The measures complement the actions already undertaken by the government to stimulate cultural creativity and innovation in Quebec. The recommended measures are not aimed at one particular area of intervention; they cut across all areas. Additional measures may be added to modify the plan over the next few years.

In a context where the cultural offering is abundant and globalized, the action plan is designed to achieve crucial objectives for Quebec culture: to draw attention to it and make it accessible to all, so that everyone can discover and appreciate Quebec's cultural products.

Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 

The 2018-2023 government action plan for culture contains 41 measures addressing the objectives and directions of Quebec's cultural policy, Partout, la culture, and provides for investments of USD 435.8 million (CAD 600.9 million) over five years.

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