National Strategic Programme of the Creative Industry

Production Development Corporation (CORFO)
Key objectives of the measure:

Enhancing the Creative Economy to capture an increasing demand nationwide and internationally, strengthening the ecosystem for commercialization of creative goods and services, through dynamic entrepreneurship, innovation, enhancement of the heritage of the area as well as the generation, attraction and retention of talent.

Scope of the measure:
National, International
Nature of the measure:
financial, institutional
Main feature of the measure:

Developed by the Production Development Corporation (CORFO). Launched in 2014, this Programme is oriented to ventures and creative industries with potential for creating jobs and wealth through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property, the commercialization and crossborder provision of creative goods and services, the access to new markets, as well as the generation of public goods for the creative sector[1].

[1] This Program is linked to the Article 1(g) e(i) of the 2005 Convention. 

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

The Strategic Programme main mission is bridge the information gaps in the industry and create more social capital to make the creative industry be more globally competitive in economic sector. Today this activity represents only 1.6% of GDP; it is expected that within 10 years this percentage at least double.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

Information no available.