National Programme of Incentives – Orange Economy Chapter

Ministry of Culture, Vice ministry of Creativity and Orange Economy
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The National Stimulus Programme aims to promote the work of Colombian artists, creators, researchers and cultural agents. With the formulation of the Comprehensive Creative Economy Policy, a chapter focused on the support of the cultural and creative industries was added to the portfolio, providing the sector with scholarships for the development of research, training and strengthening of capacities for cultural management, promotion of cultural tourism, including the production and distribution of cultural and creative products, and the support for sustainable associative processes.

This institutional offer has been designed taking into account the diverse agents of the ecosystem, as well as different models of cultural development. It includes finding projects related to the international circulation of intermediaries in the music industry, generation of virtual platforms by visual artists for the teaching of their art using botany, the creation of musical tourist routes in cities for the appropriation of the rhythms of each region or the strengthening of the cultural strategy for tourism services offered by ethnic groups.

With this commitment the Ministry of Culture seeks to enhance and uphold the social value of culture and creativity as pillars of the country's development, as well as promoting the economic conditions to build, through multiple actors, sustainable initiatives that allow diversification, innovation and consolidation of the sector.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

With the launch of the first version of the Orange Chapter in 2019, the Ministry gave the cultural and creative industries sector an offer comprised of 25 calls focused on strengthening the links of the Cultural Value Ecosystem, and supporting the creation, production, distribution, circulation and generation of audiences.

Around 600 creators and entrepreneurs presented their projects; 123 received an incentive because of the great development potential they hold in the areas of Arts and Heritage, and in the Cultural and Creative Industries.

The incentives given to these initiatives correspond to $ 4,020,115,000 pesos, and they allowed the sector to carry out projects such as participation in international music markets, international publishing industry fairs, research that resulted in the diagnosis of the sustainability problems of traditional Colombian music festivals, the design of sustainability plans for dance schools and theatres, the strengthening of institutions for training in cultural management, or the co-financing of cultural programs in conventional and unconventional spaces for the circulation of cultural and creative goods.

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