National Institute of Performing Arts (INAE)

National Directorate of Culture. Mynistry of Education and Culture
Key objectives of the measure:

General objectives:

Drive the development of creative talent by encouraging all artistic and cultural agents of the world of art to become sustainable, and promoting the recognition, enjoyment, dissemination and ownership of cultural goods and services related to Uruguay´s performing arts.
Promote intelligent alliances with public and private institutions, so as to preserve the memory and recover the history and genesis of performing arts in the country, as well as the creation of platforms providing visibility and support for emerging artists.
Generate critical thinking and new audiences, so as to encourage citizens and grant them access to the cultural goods and services offered by the performing arts.

The specific actions derived from the above-mentioned general objectives can be reviewed in detail in:

Scope of the measure:
National, International
Nature of the measure:
financial, institutional
Main feature of the measure:

Setting up the National Institute of Performing Arts was the result of over three years of intense work (starting in 2009 and concluded in 2012) and the continuation of programmes and activities supported by the DNC´s and MEC´s Performing Arts area (set up in 2008).

Ever since taking up work, the institute has been engaging in the promotion, protection, strengthening, production, research and dissemination of the performing arts, as well as in the formulation of public policies to support theatre, ballet, puppets and circus, both in Uruguay and internationally.

During the 23rd meeting of MERCOSUR ministers of culture the INAE project in its current form was endorsed as a regional performing arts centre of MERCOSUR. This endorsement will make it possible to set up a residence programme, an education corridor and a regional experimentation centre.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

The results expected from implementing the measure are as follows:

Ongoing support for, and strengthening of the Uruguayan performing arts sector through public policies designed for its protection;

Continuous encouragement of research and experimentation of all related disciplines;

Further support for the development and creative work of Uruguayan authors, actors, directors, designers, dancers, interpreters and choreographers and the groups and companies they work with. Support for the creation of a solidarity network of public and private venues in the country, so as to enable the existence of such venues and funding in all cities and villages, which will encourage the production and nationwide circulation of shows and thereby allow all citizens to gain access to them.   

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

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