Ministry of Culture and Tourism Strategic Plan (2019-2023)

Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which set out with the mission of preserving and developing cultural richness and diversity to future generations, contributing to the spread of cultural and artistic investments and activities, increasing the share of Turkey in world tourism with the understanding of sustainable tourism, adopts a human-oriented, respected and reliable, innovative, accessible, pioneering, supportive, environmentally sensitive, ethical and result-oriented approach as its core values. The aims and objectives set for the culture in this Strategic Plan are as follows;

Aim 1: Preserving Cultural Richness and Diversity in a Way That Contributes to Universal Culture and Transferring It to Future Generations

Objective 1.1: Researching, identifying, protecting, and transferring the cultural heritage to today's society and future generations

Objective 1.2: Enabling activities aimed at protecting the cultural assets of Turkey

Objective 1.3: With the understanding of contemporary museology, the exhibition of cultural assets by bringing them to museums, and the dissemination of museums

Objective 1.4: Researching folk culture values and intangible cultural heritage elements and transferring them to future generations, and preserving the data

Objective 1.5: Compiling and protecting the cultural and intellectual wealth of Turkey

Aim 2: Supporting Transformation into an Information Society

Objective 2.1: Increasing the variety and number of materials in libraries (books, magazines, e-books, toys, etc.)

Objective 2.2: Increasing the diversity of libraries in terms of number and type

Objective 2.3: Dissemination of information literacy and reading culture by facilitating access to information

Objective 2.4.: Transferring cultural heritage items to the digital environment

Aim 3: Increasing Access to and Participation in Culture and Arts

Objective 3.1: Facilitating access to culture and arts

Objective 3.2: Spread of cultural and artistic activities

Objective 3.3: Increasing project supports aimed at access and participation in culture and arts

Objective 3.4. Realization of projects to strengthen the role of women, youth, and disadvantaged groups in social and cultural life

Aim 4: Increasing the Contribution of the Culture Industries to National Income

Objective 4.1. Developing training, awareness-raising, protection, and control mechanisms that will ensure the effective execution of intellectual property rights regulations

Objective 4.2. Supporting the development of cultural industries

Objective 4.3. Supporting cultural investments and initiatives

Aim 5: Enhancing Intercultural Interaction Through Cultural Diplomacy

Objective 5.1. Increasing cooperation in the field of publishing by taking part in international platforms and programs

Objective 5.2. Increasing the recognition and visibility of Turkey in the international platforms

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

The main aim is to preserve and develop cultural richness and diversity and transfer it to future generations, making cultural and artistic activities widespread in society, strengthening social integrity and solidarity around cultural and common values, and increasing the multi-dimensional effect of culture on development.

• It has been ensured that the legislation and statistical information on Intellectual Property Rights and cultural industries have been compiled.

• With the establishment of the Intellectual Property Academy, cooperation between the Ministry-University-Private Sector-Civil Society Organizations has increased to increase the share of culture in sustainable development.

• Supporting cultural diversity and increasing the participation of disadvantaged groups in cultural activities has been achieved.

Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
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