Maps of investments related to the development of cultural infrastructure

Key objectives of the measure:

Maps of investments related to the development of cultural infrastructure and protection of the cultural heritage in Poland significantly improved through the EU funds dedicated to the equalisation of the level of development of particular regions. The total amount of funds for the implementation of the National Cohesion Strategy – the basic document describing priorities and the exploiting system for structural funds – in 2007 – 2013 will amount over 85 million of EUR. In 2010 the Ministry of Culture was a leader in spending the EU funds – over 34 contracts in the total amount of 2 billion of PLN were concluded (about 0.5 billion of EUR). It should be noted, that – at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – the cultural sector was included in the system of implementation of the European Union cohesion policy. Tasks related to strengthening the cultural infrastructure were directly inscribed in the Strategic Guidelines of the Community, and in the European Regional Development Fund new, tourism independent, intervention area, dedicated only to the culture was distinguished. Therefore, the possibility to implement investment projects related to the culture was opened, and the culture was recognised as the factor of the regional development.

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