Literature Department

National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL)
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From 2018 to date, Literature Department of INBAL (CNL, Coordinacion Nacional de Literatura) has implemented literary training programs, which encourage writing and reading throughout the country through 70 national workshops, 8 literary creation diplomas and 2 literary appreciation diplomas.
The CNL also develops programs to ensure children's access to culture, and to foster reading among children and youth audiences which include free literary creation workshops for children and young people living in vulnerable conditions, in order to include them in the cultural life and to encourage their creativity.
Similarly, 90% of the activities of the National Coordination of Literature are free and directed to diverse audiences to benefit a greater amount of population, in Mexico City and in all the country. Likewise, and by means of making a more frequent use of digital platforms, the perspective and outreach of free social participation opens up without having to spend financial resources on national transfers.
In 2018, this Department launched a program of activities to promote literary culture among the school-age population of vulnerable areas, both in Mexico City and throughout the country in upper and higher secondary education schools in low-income areas.
On the other hand, the Literature Department develops the program to promote reading "Do you want me to read it again?" same that is focused on girls, boys and teenagers. It is a project that seeks the target audience to approach reading and books through the reading in the voice of renowned, experienced and prestigious actresses and actors and with the participation of a Mexican Language Sign interpreter for the hearing impaired audience.
In addition, and regarding indigenous people access to culture, the Festival of Indigenous Literature will take place in August 9 with readings and roundtables on the importance of indigenous languages importance on literary creation, in celebration of the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.
As well, in 2019, a Diploma of Mexican Literatures in Indigenous Languages aimed at people interested in the literatures generated by the original peoples of Mexico since pre-Hispanic times and up to the present with the aim of opening and exploring the panorama of Mexican literature written in indigenous languages, through the voice of its authors, critics and promoters.
In addition, the CNL resumed in 2018 the cycle "The first roots", literature in originary languages, which aims to promote and disseminate the work of writers and writers in indigenous languages with monthly sessions of reading of contemporary literature in indigenous languages like Ayuujk, Mixe, Huasteco, Tenek,, Mazateco, Nahuatl and Nahnu.

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