Legislative instruments in the field of culture

Key objectives of the measure:

Ukraine is a multinational state. According to National the Census the 134 representatives of the minorities live at the Ukrainian territory (1 0.9 million people, representing 22o/o of the total population). During the years of Independence Ukraine has formed a legal framework that guarantees equal rights for all citizens regardless of their ethnic origin, language features and religious confession. The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees free access to culture and the right and freedom to free creative expression. The essential part of public policy in the field of culture is devoted to the develop and preserve of national minorities cultures. Ukrainian legislation in general complies with the provisions of the Convention.

Thus, Law of Ukraine "On Culture" (201 0) guarantees freedom of creativity and free choice of forms of cultural activity; the rights of citizens in the field of culture; free use of minority languages; preservation, development and promotion of cultural and linguistic identity; promotion of Ukrainian national culture in all its diversity abroad and World Cultural Heritage in Ukraine.

In addition, the Law of Ukraine "On Television and Radio Broadcasting" (1993) prohibits censorship of information broadcasting activities, and the Law of Ukraine "On Professional Artists and Artistic Unions" (1997) prohibits censorship in creative activities and ensure free choice of creative activities and equal rights to participate in the creative unions.

With the purpose of promoting and encouraging cultural produc.t in Ukraine was adopted the Law of Ukraine "On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukra,ine" (02.10.2012, N2 5412-IV). These changes implement exemptions from Value Added Tax transactions for the creation, supply restoration and distribution of national cultural product. Today the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has developed mechanisms for implementation of provisions of the Tax Code. It should be underlined that the valid Law of Ukraine "On Culture" contains a definition of"national cultural product" (in compliance with 2012 changes).

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine worked out the researching work on the cultural (creative) industries in Ukraine. It was implemented by the Ukrainian Center for Cultural Researches in order to develop the Concept of State Polic,y for promotion of development of cultural industries in Ukraine.

Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)
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