The international Office of the Danish Film Institute - Focusing efforts on international film exchange

The Danish Film Institute in collaboration with relevant partners
Key objectives of the measure:

To ensure an ongoing and focused effort on international cultural exchange on the film area, The Danish Film Institute has established an office for international affairs including co-productions, cross boarder training and creative development. For the last 15 years the market share of Danish film has been more than 25 percent of all tickets sold domestically in a market place of more than 200 films per year of which 10 – 12 percent are Danish. It is noteworthy that approx 40 percent of all Danish films are distributed outside Denmark, and that approx 30 percent of all tickets sales for Danish films take place abroad. Almost half of all Danish films are co-productions with foreign partners and to a large extend the Danish Film sector participate in the artistic and technical creation of foreign productions.

Scope of the measure:
National, International
Nature of the measure:
regulatory, financial, institutional
Main feature of the measure:

Film and audiovisual works are examples of how art forms can form a basis for exchanging cultural content among people regardless of “factors” such as age, gender, background, nationality and so forth. The following two examples of concrete projects serve as an illustration of film as a way of establishing the basis for intercultural dialogue, learning and talent development.

Cinema on the Road is a project in collaboration between the Danish Embassy in Lebanon, Metropolis Art Cinema in Beirut and The Danish Film Institute focusing on enhancing film literacy for children and young people in Lebanon with a view to create a basis of establishing dialogue with children through film. The project entails film screenings in schools and refugee camps - both in official Palestinian camps and informal Syrian camps, as well as training facilitators from local organizations. The ambition is that the experience and skills embedded in a local organization will strengthen the sustainability of the project in the long term. More information about Cinema on the Road can be found here: and

FilmLab:Palestine is a non-profit organization with its base in Ramallah. With support from Center for Culture and Development, Aarhus Film Workshop and the Danish Film Institute, the FilmLab focuses on empowering young people in refugee camps and settlements, in schools and communities as well as the early talents of the local professional film industry. The objective is to strengthen local cinema culture, media literacy and talent development. It involves building strategic, creative and production capacities as well as training of trainers – among NGOs, institutions and schools. For more information about Film

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