International Cultural Exchange Comprehensive Information System ‘K-Culture Road’

Republic of Korea
Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 
Although the mobility of artists and cultural professionals between countries and international cultural exchange was extremely important, it was difficult to obtain their information about international cultural exchanges. Accordingly, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange, an institution in charge of international cultural exchange, established the ‘K-Culture Road (Munhwa-ro)’, which is a comprehensive information system for international cultural exchange in 2019. The ‘K-Culture Road (Munhwa-ro)’ is expected to contribute to the revitalization of international cultural exchanges by providing integrated information to cultural professionals, related organizations, and private organizations. The ‘K-Culture Road’ provides integrated information on the current status of international cultural exchange-related projects and various cultural trends promoted domestically and abroad. As such, there are 39 institutions under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that link information on international cultural exchange projects with public data on the cultural portal. They also provide global cultural trend information through overseas correspondents in 42 countries. Various international cultural exchange information is classified by exchange status, exchange support, exchange knowledge, exchange institutions, exchange policies, and East Asian cultural cities. For convenience, the status of international cultural exchange projects is categorized by region, type, institution, and year. In addition, there are 478 public sector exchange groups registered in the system including governments and institutions, international organizations and NGOs, performance facilities, museums, and art galleries. There are also 1,577 domestic and overseas private sector exchange groups including associations, foundations, performance halls, museum, and art galleries. They contain the main results of the survey on the status of international cultural exchange conducted for domestic cultural exchange institutions and organizations, providing various status information such as major exchange countries, exchange purpose, exchange type, exchange genre, exchange method, and difficulties. The current status of the East Asian Cultural City project, a jointly promoted project by Korea, China, and Japan, is also available. For reference, in Korea, international cultural exchange policies are not only implemented by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange, but also by various public institutions under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism including Arts Council Korea, Korea Arts Management Service, Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Film Council, and King Sejong Institute Foundation by genre and field.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 
Information on international cultural exchange provided by ‘K-Culture Road’ can be divided into five categories: exchange status, exchange support, exchange knowledge, exchange institution, and exchange policy. (Exchange Status) Through the ‘K-Culture Road’, the comprehensive information system for international cultural exchange provides various domestic and international events and festivals from 2011, and the information on 142 festivals in 2018, 424 in 2019, 15 in 2020, and 170 festivals in 2021. (Exchange Support) Information on events, exhibitions, announcements, education and jobs is collected and provided to support exchanges for various stakeholders such as domestic private exchange organizations, related workers, related organizations, and the general public. It provides information on 375 events and 103 exhibitions from 2018 to 2021, and provides information on education and forums collected from events held 5 times in 2018, 37 times in 2019, 10 times in 2020, and 98 times in 2021. (Exchange knowledge) The ‘K-Culture Road’ provides publications, cultural issues, and Hallyu live reports for subscription or download. Representative examples include and (each published up to 793, and 261 issues, as of 2022). In addition, it provides various research reports on culture, content, tourism, statistics and information from 2000. A total of 450 cases have been registered (as of 2022). (Exchange institution) The ‘K-Culture Road’ provides the location and information of domestic and overseas institutions, and the information on exchange institutions. The information on 109 home institutions, 46 overseas institutions, 478 public organizations and 1,577 private organizations are registered. (Exchange Policy) The ‘K-Culture Road’ provides information on the international cultural exchange policy vision, goals, and implementation tasks. At the same time, it provides the major results of ‘Survey on the Status of International Cultural Exchange’ in six areas. As of December 2021, the ‘K-Culture Road’ has linked and provided information from 39 cultural sector-related institutions, and has been gradually expanding the amount of information by accumulating 22,991 number of information(375 events, 103 exhibitions, 1,233 announcements, 170 education, 869 jobs, 20,241 exchanged knowledge).
Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 
150 Million Won, 114,000 Dollars /As of 2021
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