International cultural activities funding

Czechia (Czech Republic)
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Arts and Theatre Institute
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Key objectives of the measure:

As described in point 2.1.2 the Czech Republic has several grant programs fulfilling the objectives of the 2005 Convention. Special programs are focused on international cooperation. The objective is to strengthen activities with international participation contributing to the promotion of culture and artistic creation. 
The support is provided not only through special grant programs like for example Grant program to support cultural activities abroad (Ministry of Culture), Scholarship Awards within the Foreign Development Assistance Programme (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Support foreign contacts in the professional arts (Arts and Theatre Institute), but the Czech Republic also welcomes the opportunity to benefit from European Union programs like for example Creative Europe, Media Program, Erasmus + etc.. 
Besides these grant programs, the important support for international activities is realized on the base of official Programs of Cooperation with foreign countries including the developing ones. 
These programs generally include exchanges of cultural professionals, sharing of experiences and know-how in different domains of culture, reciprocal support for cultural activities organization etc.
As a part of this measure the activities of Czech Centers have to be mentioned.  They promote Czech culture on the international stage in 22 cities and 3 continents of the world. They are the agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Except the organisation of different cultural activities, the Czech Centers support in their locations the Czech interests in general.

Scope of the measure:
National, International
Main feature of the measure:

Special grant programs focused on international cooperation occur depending upon the needs of society. An important attention is now dedicated to young artists and the development of their creativity and innovative approaches.

Challenges identified in the implementation of this measure:

Sometimes, it is difficult to agree on concrete conditions of cultural activities and events exchanges between two countries within the bilateral cultural Programs of Cooperation. These conditions have to be set up the most concretely possible to lign up exact space for discussions.

Remark to point b) Also here, it is very difficult to estimate the amount of resources expended. As described below the Ministry of Culture spents about 500 000 USD on the export of professional cultural activities abroad. Besides, we have other Ministries, local governement grants, private foundations and organizations.

Main conclusions of the evaluation of the measure:

The impact can be seen on the amount of international cultural projects taking place in the Czech Republic but also the projects abroad with the participation of Czech artists.

Indicators used to determine impact:
As one of the applicable indicator we can use the amount of financial ressources related to international activities. The foreign activities in the Czech Republic are financed from different ressources and it is very difficult to even estimate its amount. The export of the Czech art is financed primarly from the Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Culture. Every year, it spents about 500 000 USD on the export of professional cultural activities abroad. But of course, these activities are also supported by local governemnts and different foundations or cultural institutions. 
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