International cooperation (Macau)

Key objectives of the measure:

The Macao SAR government has launched diversified cultural cooperation initiatives with the international community, particularly with East-Asian countries, EU members, and Portuguese speaking countries, down to various levels and aspects. The Government encourages collaboration among governmental agencies and individuals, and also within the international arena, initiated by local associations. The means of collaboration varies, and include reciprocal visits, training initiatives, technical exchanges, performances, collective innovation, and resource sharing. In particular, the officials who are drafting the new heritage preservation law and renovating Macao’s heritage have carried out visits and learnt from foreign counterparts on how to optimally preserve the existing monuments in Macao. The Government has also invited foreign musicians to integrate the government funded local orchestras which work closely with internationally renowned orchestras or musicians and opportunities are created to enhance the quality and techniques of the local orchestras. The Government has also organized interlibrary exchanges between local and foreign libraries and held book exchanges via various cooperation projects. In addition to this, governmental grants have been conceded to encourage international researchers to study the history and culture of Macau; books in Chinese or foreign languages have been published with foreign publishers; and artistic talents have been subsidized to study abroad; foreign official and non-governmental institutes have been invited to host performances. Moreover, connections with various international associations were established through consulate generals, including the Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao, the Alliance Française, the British Council, art colleges in Asia, and international art groups. The Government has been actively cultivating relations with Asian countries, such as Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and encouraging local artists and art associations to participate in cultural activities in Asian countries, in order to promote development of Asian culture and art through reciprocal visits, shows, and performances.

The Macao SAR Government actively participates in international events to promote the culture of Macao and establish an international interchange network. Through participation, the Government aims to broaden the horizon of local participants and enhance the standard of diversity of our own cultural expression. On one hand, the Government has coordinated projects relating to the promotion of Macao culture and showcasing it to the international community, such as the upcoming 2012 The Historic Centre of Macao – European Exhibition Tour, and on the other hand, it has introduced high-quality cultural projects from overseas so as to introduce different cultures to the citizens of Macao, thereby ultimately increasing the overall cultural level in Macao.