Intergovernmental and interministerial cooperation agreements

Government incl. Ministry of Culture
Key objectives of the measure:

To exchange commitments for cultural cooperation and cultural exchange with partner Governments and Ministries, and to provide a legal basis for practical activities of exchange, such as cooperation programmes, budgetary programmes, visa alleviations etc. To strengthen cooperation ties between the countries, to contribute to mutual understanding, to spread knowledge about each other, as well as to foster cooperation in the field of culture. These cooperation agreements have been signed since 1990.

Scope of the measure:
National, International
Main feature of the measure:

Latvia has signed 38 intergovernmental cooperation agreements and 10 interministerial agreements in the field of culture (including the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministers of Culture of Baltic and Nordic countries on the launch of the Mobility programme "Culture"; the Memorandum of Understanding between the EU, Norway and Russia on Setting out the Modalities of Establishing the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture; agreement between the Ministries of Culture of the Baltic States on the establishment of "Baltic Films" cooperation platform; agreement between the Ministries of Culture on the orhcestra "Kremerata Baltica"). In 2011, there were around EUR 130 371 directly allocated to international cooperation in the budget of the Ministry of Culture.